20 November 2012

Tiger JK & Yoon Mirae recognized for contribution in child abuse prevention

Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae were recognized for their contribution in preventing child abuse.

On 19th, a special ceremony for 'The 6th Child Abuse Prevention Day' took place, and the two were recognized by Ministry of Health & Welfare.

Previously, the two were appointed as ambassadors of child abuse prevention, and they have been participating in various events that promoted child abuse prevention.

After getting medals in recognition, they said, "We did what we thought was right, and we feel quite shy for such an honor. Children are our future and hope. We will do our best to change the world for the better so that our children can live in much better environments."


The 6th Annual Child Abuse Prevention Day

18 November 2012

Tiger JK and Jordan Appear on 'Superstar K4' to Cheer for Judge Yoon Mirae

Tiger JK didn′t forget to drop by the semifinal match of Mnet′s Superstar K4 to cheer for his wife, Yoon Mirae, and he also brought cute Jordan along.

At the Superstar K4 live broadcast held on November 16, Tiger JK appeared to cheer for his wife and Superstar K4 judge Yoon Mirae. He sat with Jordan in a seat near the judge panels, and even when she wasn′t talking, continued to stare at his wife with loving eyes.

When the two appeared on screen while Yoon Mirae delivered her comments, the audience cheered for the happy family. Jordan shouted out in joy when he came on screen, and Tiger JK flashed a ′v′ at the camera while he also tried to get Jordan to look at the camera too.

Jordan couldn′t hide his love for his mom either, as at one point he charged toward the judge panels to get a hug. While he was being taken outside by Tiger JK, Jordan suddenly ran toward the stage, taking his dad by surprise. The staff barely managed to catch up with him and keep him from suddenly appearing onstage.

As soon as the cameras turned off and the screens switched to pre-recorded videos, Jordan was finally able to join his mom onstage.

In the meantime, during the day′s competition Roy Kim and DickPunks went on to become the top 2 finalists.