14 February 2011

Sunzoo - My Time MV Preview

Thanks to the producers at TVN (the network airing the “Welcome to the Jungle” special), we have a teaser of one of the album’s title songs.

The song, “My Time,” was recorded and filmed last June during a trip to Los Angeles. The video reveals that Styliztik Jones, Roscoe, and Rakaa also will feature.

The music video was directed by veteran Drunken Tiger MV director, Dave Kebo (“Great Rebirth,” and “I Hate Myself.”)

The song will debut when the special airs, along with another track, “On and On.”

Source: drunkencamp

OMG can't wait!!

12 February 2011

Tiger JK & Yoon Mirae start a new global project, “Into the Jungle”

Hip hop couple Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae (Tasha) have started a special global project through their new reality program, tvN’s “Into the Jungle“.

The program will follow their experiences of advancing into the global music market with the help of Drunken Tiger’s DJ James Jhig as well as other international artists and producers. You can expect to see producer Illmind (who’s worked with stars like Eminem and 50 Cent), Rok Codero (who’s directed music videos for John Legend and Jay-Z), Roscoe Umali, Styliztik Jones, and many others.
A representative of Mnet Media spoke through Star News on February 11th and revealed, “Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae’s global project will be a meaningful one, as it enlists the help of figures famous worldwide. Fans will be able to see their passion for music through this program.”

Tiger JK is currently working on Yoon Mirae’s next album, as she’s scheduled for a ballad/hip hop comeback sometime during the first half of this year.

Source: allkpop

T's discography

As Time Goes By (2001)
01. 바보
02. 시간이 흐른 뒤
03. I Miss You So
04. 슬픔에 기대어
05. 행복한 나를
06. 그대없는 사랑
07. La Musique
08. As Time Goes By (English Ver)
09. She (...Could Never Be Me)
10. 삶의 향기 (Soul Flower)
11. Old School Love
12. 친구가 아닌 연인
13. La Musique (English Vers)
14. 시간이 흐른 뒤 (Remix Version)
15. 하루하루

Gemini (2002)
01. G火자
02. Meditation
03. Me We
04. Memories (Smiling Tears)
05. Wonder Woman
06. 끝없는 바다 저편에
07. Concrete Jungle
08. Combination Platter
09. Double Trouble
10. 남자 남자 남자
11. Memories (Smiling Tears) (English Ver.)
12. Mt (혁명)

To My Love (2002)
01. Unforgettable
02. To My Love
03. Tuesday
04. 선물
05. To My Love (English Ver.)
06. 끝없는 바다 저편에
07. One Day
08. Because I Love You (feat. Bobby Kim)
09. 집으로 와
10. 나는
11. 인연
12. Why Me ?
13. Gotta Get Love
14. 찬바람아!
15. Because I Love You (English Ver.)
16. (Sad But True)

Best (2003)
01. To My Love
02. 바보
03. 시간이 흐른 뒤
04. 선물
05. 끝없는 바다 저편에
06. 남자 남자 남자
07. Tuesday
08. Concrete Jungle
09. 행복한 나를
10. 집으로 와
11. I Miss You So
12. 지화자 (G 火 자)
13. Wonder Woman
14. Because I Love You
15. 찬 바람아
16. 하루 하루

Yoonmirae (2007)
01. Black Diamond
02. What's Up! Mr. Good Stuff
03. 잊었니...
04. Honeymoon
05. Gimme Gimme!!! 이기주의자
06. Pay Day
07. 시간은 눈물과 흐르고
08. 나니까
09. 검은 행복
10. Who
11. Good Bye Sadness, Hello Happiness

Gemini 2 (2018)
01. Rap Queen
02. 개같애 (Feat. 타이거JK)
03. Cookie
04. You & Me (Feat. 주노플로)
05. 가위바위보
06. 샴페인 (Champagne) (Feat. 주노플로)
07. Peach
08. No Gravity (Piano Ver.)
09. 오늘처럼 (Feat. Double K, WHO$)
10. You & Me (Eng Ver.) (Feat. 주노플로)
11. Peach (Eng Ver.)
12. 잠깐만 Baby (Remix)

Wonderful (더 카마엘) (2007)
01. Wonderful (더 카마엘) (with Kim Johan)
02. Wonderful (더 카마엘) (Instrumental)

랩소디 Part 2 (2008)
01. Baby Bye Bye
02. 문자놀이 (with Drunken Tiger)

Digital Single (2009)
01. 떠나지마...
02. 떠나지마... (Instrumental)

Get It In (The Creators Project) (2011)
01. Get It In (Korean Ver.) (Feat. Tiger JK, 정인)
02. Get It In (English Ver.) (Feat. Smokey Robotic)
03. Get It In (Instrumental)

Angel (2014)
01. Angel (with Tiger JK & Bizzy)

사랑이 맞을거야 (2015)
01. 사랑이 맞을거야

Because of You - SM STATION (2016)
01. Because of You
02. Because of You (Instrumental)

D-118 (2018)
01. No Gravity

잊어가지마 (Prod. 로코베리) (2019)
01. 잊어가지마 (Prod. 로코베리)
02.  잊어가지마 (Prod. 로코베리) (Instrumental)

Lovers in Prague - 아픔이 사라진 후 (2005)
Bad Love - 말없이 울더라도 (2007)
Master's Sun  - Touch Love (2013)
It's Okay, It's Love - 너를 사랑해 (2014)
Who Are You - School 2015 - 너의 얘길 들어줄게 (2015)
Descendants of the Sun - Always (2016)
The Legend of The Blue Sea - 그대라는 세상 (2016)
Queen of Mystery - Goodbye (2017)
The Best Hit -  젊은 날의 Sky (2017)
The Ghost Detective - 그대 그대 그대 (2018)

Represent (1997)
Represented... Now Believe (1997)
Mutual Best (1998)
Chapter 3 in History (1998)

Parallel Prophecys (1999)

My Time (2011)
Get Down (2011)
On & On (2011)
(The songs haven't been officially released)

Sweet Dream (2013)
살자 (The Cure) (2013)
Wondaland (2015)
The Sound Of Heart OST - 너만의 소리 (2016)

Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK
Ghood Family (feat. Bizzy, Black Nine, BIBI, MRSHLL) (2018)


Name 윤미래 (Yoon Mirae) / Natasha Shanta Reid
Birthday May 31, 1981
Height 162cm
Blood type AB
Company Feel Ghood Music
Family Tiger JK (from Drunken Tiger), son Jordan
Debut 1997 Uptown's 1st album "Represent"
Former groups Uptown, Tashannie
Nickname Tasha

Find her discography here.

2016 Seoul Music Awards Bonsang
2016 Melon Music Awards Best OST - "Always"
2013 Mnet Asian Music Award Best OST - "Touch Love"
2013 Melon Music Awards Best OST - "Touch Love"
2012 Style Icon Awards SK II People's Choice Award
2010 Mnet 20's Choice Awards 20's Most Influential Stars
2010 Style Icon Awards  Sky Beautiful Sharing Award (with Tiger JK)
2008 Korean Music Awards Best R&B & Soul Album - "Yoonmirae"
2008 Korean Music Awards Best R&B & Soul Song - "What's Up! Mr. Good Stuff"
2003 SBS Gayo Daejeon Best R&B Artist
2002 SBS Gayo Daejeon Best R&B Artist

TV Music Shows
2002.01.06 SBS Inkigayo #1 - "As Time Goes By"

"T," born Yoon Mi-rae, is a female hip-hop artist who made her debut as a member of Uptown. Yoon came into the spotlight as a female singer with a distinctive vocal talent. Yoon is also a great rapper. Leaving Uptown, she briefly performed as a member of the female duo Tashannie. In 2001, T debuted as a solo singer in order to show her full talent to music lovers. Yoon was born in 1981 in the US. Her father is an African-American US military officer who was stationed in Korea and her mother is Korean. Yoon’s American name is Natasha and her nickname growing up was "Baby T," which was later changed to "T" in her professional career.
 Yoon showed special talent in soul vocals and rap. She is still considered to be one of the best female rappers in Korea. In 1997, at the age of 16, Yoon debuted in the K-pop world as a member of Uptown. She was the lead vocal and the mascot of the band. However, the band had to break up due to alleged drug use by some of its members. In 2000, Yoon restarted her singing career as a member of a female duo Tashannie. However, in August 2000, she was questioned under the suspicion of illegal drug use. The allegations against her were lifted but she could no longer perform as a member of Tashannie. In 2001, she took on another challenge by changing her name to "T" and making her debut as a solo singer. The song "Time Goes By" was released and T’s solo debut was a success. After releasing her 3rd solo album, T had to go on hiatus due to some problems with her management agency. She has now settled those problems and is preparing to release a new album.

Source: Naver, KBS World


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