31 August 2011

Seo In Gook covers Tasha's Memories

Yoon Dohyun's Must

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For those who don't know him, check out his soompi thread.

Running Man Ep59 Preview

Hip-hop special with Tasha, Tiger JK, Simon D (from Supreme Team) and Gaeko and Choiza (from Dynamic Duo).

28 August 2011

Tasha tweets about the blackface incident

On August 27th, MBC’s special Chuseok program ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘ took place at Jamshil Stadium for the third time. Super Junior's Lee Teuk, Shin Dong, Eun Hyuk and entertainer Boom, who was recently discharged from the army, started the parade.

International fans addressed their concern when this picture was released as Boom is in blackface. A fan tweeted Tasha and asked her opinion regarding this. Tasha was born to a South Korean mother and an African American father.

Tasha responded as below:

"Thank you for your support! I am deeply pained and embarrassed to hear that this is still happening...I have spoken out in the past...

...About how I feel and how offensive it is. Unfortunately the war against ignorance seems to be an uphill battle...but not impossible!

Education is key!! Much love! God bless you and yours! And always ALWAYS hold your head high! You are...WE are ALL beautiful!!!

I do not think that their intentions were to make fun or offend anyone... It would be unfair for such a beautiful country as Korea to be judged as a whole based on these incidents!

This is not a "one race" one country" problem people!! It involves every human being! The sooner we recognize this the sooner we can work together to fix it!"

This is the second mishap regarding a lack of awareness by Korean TV stations that happened this month. A few weeks ago, the production team of SBS’s Star King caused controversy over misrepresenting Muslims. Another incident was when BEAST's Ki Kwang was in blackface for a variety show last year.

Currently, Tasha is one of the panel judges for the reality show Mnet Superstar K3.

Source: soompi, @yoonmirae

Leessang talks about their success with “AsuRA BalBalTa”

A few days ago, we reported how the hip-hop duo Leessang’s seventh album, “AsuRA BalBalTa“, has been absolutely dominating the charts, taking over the entire Top Ten ranking for two days (and counting). Recently, Gil and Gary sat down with OSEN and talked about their amazing experience with their album.

On the promotional single, “Turned Off the TV…“, Gary spoke out about the calming and witty song featuring Tasha. “It’s a more common story than simple farewells or love. Just like how lovers need to be honest with each other, we wrote the song as honest as we could and we think the audience is welcoming that honesty.

Indie artists used to write many songs like this,” Gil added. “I think the time has come for recognized artists like ourselves to try these kinds of songs, too. Without deliberating, and without focusing on the young fans we gained through variety programs, we kept our own color.

The duo has gained many fans through variety programs, on which both members are currently shooting as fixed cast members. Gil is part of the MBC ‘Infinity Challenge‘ crew, while Gary is a rising star on SBS ‘Running Man‘.

Leessang’s music and lyrics appeal mainly to males, but thanks to their variety appearances they’ve brought along many female fans as well,” said a hip-hop industry expert. “Moreover, both of the programs they are on are both recognized as ‘trendy’. I think there was a big synergy effect from the variety skills of the two people.

However, it is not always the case that a variety artist manages to make their album a hit. “We didn’t want to hear that our music became lighter because of variety, so we worked even harder. Last year, we threw away about twenty songs that were completely finished.” Leessang said.

A representative for Jungle Entertainment, Leessang’s company, analyzed their success. “Because of the variety appearances, many viewers thought to themselves, ‘Leessang’s album is out? I should give it a listen’. It’s a fact that Leessang’s name became well-known through the variety shows. But this success was also the result of good music as well. They usually only show their funny sides, but their music is very serious, and their songs have that ‘my story’ relatable effect… so that may be the reason why we saw a reversal effect.

Timing may also have had something to do with Leessang’s rise. On the heels of the torrential rains that flooded Korea, which tempered the music scene, and the upcoming girl group rush in September, Leessang picked a particularly beneficial time to come back, taking advantage of the cracks in the market.

Whatever the reason, Leessang has solidified their place as one of the best hip-hop artists in Korea, and it appears that artists will have to re-think their excuses for poor album sales – such as the oft-repeated “they only listen to the title track and nothing else” as well as “thanks to variety, they don’t listen to our music seriously”.

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23 August 2011

Haha proudly shows off his Pororo necklace

Entertainer Haha cracked up his fans with his latest Twitter update, which revealed his Pororo necklace.

On August 22nd, Haha posted, “This is the real bling bling chain! A gift from the Tiger couple! Kuhahahaha”.

In the picture, Haha dons an outrageous pair of birthday shades and around his neck is a necklace made from a Pororo figurine, a gift most likely received from Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK.

Netizens commented, “So cute”, “That’s so Haha”, and “It looks good on you”.

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22 August 2011

Daegu Love Concert (Photos)

Aug 20, 2011


Leessang’s “Turned Off the TV” achieves a ‘perfect all-kill’

Hip hop duo Leessang has achieved the much-coveted ‘perfect all-kill’ with their latest comeback track, “Turned Off the TV“!

According to the ‘i-Chart‘, the song ranked first on the live, daily, and weekly charts for Melon, Mnet, Olleh Music, Cyworld BGM, Naver Music, and other music charts, achieving not only an all-kill but a perfect all kill (PK). There’s also quite the noticeable difference between first and second place, making it a remarkable achievement.

A week into its release, the song is still doing well on the charts and is receiving much love for bringing together talented artists like Yoon Mirae and 10cm into one song.

With the first release achieving this much attention alone, many are now anticipating the full release of Leessang’s seventh official album, “AsuRa BalBalTa“.

Leessang will be releasing the album on August 25th and promoting “You’re the Answer to Me” as their title track. The duo will also be kicking off their first ever solo concert on November 4th at the AX-Korea titled, ‘Leessang Theater’.

Tickets will go on sale starting August 26th.

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17 August 2011

'Superstar K3' returns with diverse music

By Kwon Mee-yoo

Mnet’s "Superstar K” is the program that ignited the talent show boom in Korea. It has returned for a third season, with new judges, more contestants and improved rules embracing more diversity.

The first segment that aired Friday immediately became the talk of the town. Ten-year-old girl Son Ye-rim, Choi Yeong-tae who sang his own songs and Yeri Band passed the regional preliminary round in Busan under much attention.

A problematic contestant also appeared. Choi A-ran, who sang Chae-yeon's "Shake," made a disturbance by throwing down a guideboard after failing in the preliminaries.

Viewer ratings also proved the popularity of the program. According to Mnet, the first episode of "Superstar K3" reached an average rating of 8.5 percent, even exceeding that of network channels.

Yoon Mi-rae joins judges

Kim Yong-beom, the program’s producer, said the quality of participants is higher than ever.

"In the first season, we tested the feasibility of audition programs in Korea and proved it a success during the second season last year," Kim said at a press conference last week. "There are so many talent shows now and it is a new challenge for us."
However, Kim said he does not consider other programs, including MBC's "Star Audition 2," as rivals. "We have different contestants and judges with different viewpoints," he said. "I am confident that 'Superstar K3' will bring diversity to the Korean music scene. We care more about their music than ratings."

Lee Seung-chul, a singer and a judge, said the participants are more serious about the audition now. "In the first season, some people came to audition just for the experience. In the second season, applicants started to bring musical instruments to better present their music. Now, not just singers but musicians applied for 'Superstar K3,'" he said.

Yoon Jong-shin, another judge known for his eye in finding talent, said he already found several gems during the regional preliminaries. "Though they are rough now, they will improve as the program progresses," he added.

Hip-hop musician Yoon Mi-rae, also known as "T," joins the show as one of the three judges. The female judge position was taken by Lee Hyo-ri in the first season and Uhm Jung-hwa in the second one. Yoon took part in the show as a guest judge then.
“I am focusing on finding people who have ‘soul,’” she said at the press conference. “The burden of being a judge is very big, but I will be true about my feelings in screening.”

New rules

The number of applicants jumped to nearly 2 million, from 710,000 in the first season and 1.3 million in the second. The program is ready to brace the diversity of the record-high number of contestants.

The regional preliminaries have been expanded to overseas as well. In the second season, the talent show only offered overseas auditions in Los Angeles. For the third one, the producers and judges flew to New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka and Sendai to hold auditions there. Not only overseas Koreans but foreigners came to audition for "Superstar K3."

During regional preliminaries, two out of three judges have to agree to pass a contestant. However, the new "Super Pass" system allows the judges to pass one participant per region without getting approvals from the other two.

While the two previous seasons focused on individual competition, "Superstar K3" added a group category. "We have more diverse genres of music now as indie bands, a cappella groups and even dance acts have applied for auditions," Kim said.

The program also introduced “Incubating School,” which will assist dropouts to settle down in the music scene better.
“Some might do better if they are not competing in the audition onstage. However, this does not mean Mnet will manage them. We will just help them to find their music,” Kim added.

“Superstar K3” is broadcast on Mnet at 11 p.m. every Friday. The winner of the third season will be announced on Nov. 11.

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16 August 2011

Turned Off the TV lyrics (Hangul, Romanization & Translation)

널 너무나 사랑해서 난 티비를 껐어
새빨간 니 입술

널 너무나 사랑해서 난 커텐을 쳤어
새빨간 니 입술
널 너무나 사랑해서 난 티비를 껐어
새빨간 니 입술
널 너무나 사랑해서 난 커텐을 쳤어
새빨간 니 입술

내 눈엔 그 어떤 선보다 아름다운 너의 몸매
검은 머리 너만의 향기에 나는 녹네
때론 몰래 응큼한 상상을 해 그러다 욕심이 솟네
티비를 보다가도 거리를 걷다가도
시도때도 없이 난 너를 원해 못참아 어떻게 손만 잡아
딱딱하게 말하지마 니가 날 딱딱하게 만들었잖아
널 너무 사랑해 내 모든 걸 다 주고
니 모든 걸 다 갖고 싶어
더 가까이 널 안고싶어
내 몸을 적시고 엉덩이 토닥토닥하고 싶어
이 밤이 새도록 보여주고 싶어
어제와 또 다른 내 모습에 눈물까지 흘릴거야

이 밤이 새도록 보여주고 싶어
넌 너무 사랑스러워 언제나 나를 설레게 만들어

널 너무나 사랑해서 난 티비를 껐어
새빨간 니 입술
널 너무나 사랑해서 난 커텐을 쳤어
새빨간 니 입술

더운데 갑자기 커텐을 왜 쳐
잘 보고있는 티비는 또 왜 꺼?
그런 눈으로 왜 또 분위기 잡아
피곤해 피곤해 그냥 나 잘래
니 품에서 꿈꾸고 싶어 밤새
그만 좀 보채
오늘만 날이 아니잖아 좀 참아
착하지 내 남자 그냥 코 자자
삐지지 말고 내 손을 잡아
어린 애처럼 왜 또 등을 돌려
못말려 너란 남자 정말 웃겨
생각해 볼께 어서 가서 불꺼

이대론 잠 못 자요 넌 너무 아름다워
난 오늘 이 밤을 보내기엔 아쉬워요
오늘은 안된다고 말아요
그만 그만 그만

널 너무나 사랑해서 난 티비를 껐어
새빨간 니 입술
널 너무나 사랑해서 난 커텐을 쳤어
새빨간 니 입술
널 너무나 사랑해서 난 티비를 껐어
새빨간 니 입술
널 너무나 사랑해서 난 커텐을 쳤어
새빨간 니 입술
나를 설레게 만들어

Leessang - Turned off the TV (feat. Tasha, Kwon Jungyeol)

Tasha will feature on Leessang's upcoming album

The first title song for Leessang’s upcoming 7th album “AsuRa BalBalTa” will be “Turned Off the TV…”, which was teased by multiple videos starring various Korean celebrities such as Simon D, Kim Jong Kook, and Jung Juri.

People had previously been confused as to what the promotional videos meant as they each featured a star alone in a room watching TV until he or she decides to turn it off. Now everything becomes more clear as the situation has to do with the actual song and its meaning.

The chorus of the song goes, “I love you so much that I turned off the TV,” expressing the harmony of a woman’s rational persuasion with a man’s instinctual nature through a sensual sound and a refined, slow tempo.

Instead of being macho and strong like Leessang’s previous works, it will be more closely related to sensitive emotions.

“Turned Off the TV…” will also feature the talented Yoon Mi Rae and the rising Indie band 10cm.

The MV will be produced by Leessang’s very own Gil and the album will drop on August 22nd.

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13 August 2011

Khuntoria babysits Tiger JK-Tasha’s son on We Got Married

On the latest episode of MBC TV’s ‘We Got Married‘ that aired on the 13th, the Khuntoria couple visited the home of Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae (Tasha). They had asked Khuntoria to come and babysit their son, Jordan.

Being new parents, both Victoria and Nichkhun didn’t know how to handle the situation and felt rather helpless. After various attempts to get Jordan warm up to them, they finally succeeded by imitating animal sounds.

Jordan took a particular liking to Nichkhun which made Victoria feel a little left out. “Go live with Jordan, then!” she told Nichkhun as she expressed her jealousy.

When Tiger JK and Tasha returned home, they took a look at their son and hilariously remarked, “He looks stressed out!”

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We Got Married EP59 (raw)

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[Aug 12] Superstar K3 Ep1

Watch it here!

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11 August 2011

Super Star K3 shows early signs of a big hit − All related TV commercials worth 20 billion won were completely sold out

The first episode of Mnet’s reality audition show Super Star K Season 3 will air on August 12, which already showed early signs of a big hit: All related TV commercials worth about 20 billion won were completely sold out, an amazing record considering that the prices set for commercials of cable channels hover around a tenth part of the ones of the terrestrial networks.

Meanwhile, with the first broadcasting a day off, Mnet’s Super Star K3 is planning to hold an event to reveal the highlights of the show along with the three main emcees, an unprecedented large-size preview of an TV entertainment show in Korea’s broadcasting history.

Super Star K3 will air 14 episodes until November 11.

Super Star K3 in trouble: 70% of its recording is lost

Before its premiere on the 12th, M. net’s Super Star K3 had an accident due to unexpected heavy rain.

On the 1st heavy rain caused the editorial office of Super Star K3 to black out and the server which holds about 20,000 tapes became overloaded. Soon all captured data of recording were lost.

The production crew was stunned at this obstinate situation because it takes over two weeks to capture and edit the episode.

In addition, the program editor became overloaded again when the episode was uploading for broadcasting.

Super Star K3 crew said, “This year we have gone through a lot of things due to heavy rain. We’re telling ourselves that this happens because the program is going to be a big hit. Recently, the crew is staying up several nights to edit the broadcasting version.”


Superstar K3 Press Conference (Photos)

Aug 11, 2011

From left to right: PD Kim Yong Bum, Lee Seung Chul, Yoon Mi Rae, Yoon Jong Shin

Superstar K3 D-1

Source: mnet

10 August 2011

‘Running Man’ to feature Hip Hop artists

SBS ‘Running Man’ releases an interesting trailer.

The clip titled ‘Hip Hop artists to star in Running Man’ was made public on an online community board on the 10th.

Hip Hop couple Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, Supreme Team’s Simon D, and Dynamic Duo’s Choija can be see in the photo. The guests are wearing suits and the members of ‘Running Man’ are wearing hip hop style outfits. There maybe something to that.

After seeing the photo the Netizens commented, “Choija’s first TV appearance after his military service”, “I wonder what sort of mission they’ll have to perform around the peer”, “Hip Hop couple’s appearance… Awesome”.

‘Running Man’ Hip Hop musician special will air on the 21st.

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"To My Love" lyrics


01. Unforgettable Hangul / Romanization / Translation
02. To My Love Hangul / Romanization / Translation
03. Tuesday Hangul / Romanization / Translation
04. 선물 Hangul / Romanization / Translation
05. To My Love (English Ver.) Lyrics
06. 끝없는 바다 저편에 Hangul / Romanization / Translation
07. One Day Hangul / Romanization / Translation
08. Because I Love You (feat. Bobby Kim) Hangul / Romanization / Translation
09. 집으로 와 Hangul / Romanization / Translation
10. 나는 Hangul / Romanization / Translation
11. 인연 Hangul / Romanization / Translation
12. Why Me? Hangul / Romanization / Translation
13. Gotta Get Love Hangul / Romanization / Translation
14. 찬바람아! Hangul / Romanization / Translation
15. Because I Love You (English Ver.) Lyrics
16. 너 (Sad But True) Hangul / Romanization / Translation

09 August 2011

Yoon Mi Rae poses with her favorite star

Yoon Mi Rae revealed a playful selca of herself with her favorite star.

On August 9th, Yoon Mi Rae tweeted,

“Today I met my favorite star.. haha. I asked to take a picture with him but he got cut out. Guess who it is? I’m so bad at taking pictures.“

In the picture, Yoon Mi Rae is smiling brightly with a V-pose. The person standing next to her is hard to identify because you can only see a small portion of his face.

Fans commented, “Give us a hint!“, “You should have taken a better picture…“, and “I want to hurry and see the broadcast!”

Yoon Mi Rae was selected as the female judge on Mnet’s ‘Superstar K3‘, following in the footsteps of Season 1’s Lee Hyori and Season 2’s Uhm Jung Hwa. The first broadcast of Season 3 will air on August 12th.

Source: Star News via Nate, allkpop

07 August 2011

We Got Married EP58 w/ eng subs + recap

Watch We Got Married EP58 with English subs HERE.

Show Recap (SPOILERS): We recently reported on the Khuntoria couple visiting the home of Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, bringing them homemade food. After receiving an invitation to visit the couple, Khuntoria made kimchi and stir-fried vegetables.

Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae tried the kimchi and stated, "This dish is very wordly" and "The first taste of this kimchi seemed very mysterious," in order to avoid saying their true thoughts on the kimchi's taste.

The two couples then discussed their own love history. Tiger JK stated, "I fell for Yoon Mirae because of her wide smiles." It was also revealed that Tiger JK and Nichkhun met by coincidence at an award ceremony and got to know each other.

Afterwards, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae snuck out to enjoy a date and left Khuntoria to babysit their son.

Source: Koreaboo,

05 August 2011

Pentaport Rock Festival (Photos)

Aug 5, 2011

Yoon Mi Rae Tweets John Legend

What the tweet? Korea's Queen of Soul is not afraid of talking to her fellow musicians in the western world. One of America's top music men, John Legend, recieved a personal tweet from the queen herself!

On August 4th, Tiger JK's wife kindly asked Legend if his tour schedule included her current homeland of South Korea. Read her inquisitive tweet and introduction below:

"@johnlegend hope this finds u well! this is tasha from S.Korea..I just wanted to ask if you and Sade had any plans to bring ur tour to korea"

Is this obvious K-Pop fan planning to attend the show...or open for him? (For your information, the Twittersphere is still awaiting his response). Meanwhile, the Superstar K3 judge had some important business to take care of before she could jump into complete fan-mode. Apparently, someone tweeted her a vulgar or an all outright disturbing message overnight. The following was her message to everyone:

"Woke up to a really inappropriate tweet...BLOCK!!!"

Our Mi Rae is one safe fan-woman!

02 August 2011

The return of the upgraded Shouske 3

Mnet’s Superstar K3 (A.K.A Shouske 3) will start its broadcast on the 12th. This program started in 2009, and gained public interest. It achieved the highest viewing audience of 18.1% in cable TV history, and instigated the beginning of many audition tv shows.

Everything has been upgraded in Shouske 3. The production cost is approximately $10,000,000, which is a record-high. The winner receives a prize of $500,000. $300,000 for cash prize, and $200,000 to produce a record. Not only that, each of the top four members receive a Nissan Cube vehicle.

Applicants from Korea, U.S., and China exceeded 1,960,000; this is higher than last year’s applicants by 600,000.

Lee Seung Chul and Yoon Jong Shin, who are known for their pithy remarks, were selected as judges for the third time. Yoon Mi Rae, who has a great deal of knowledge on Hiphop and R&B, joined the team. The ‘Incubating School’ is a new implemented system that helps the contestants establish themselves in the musical field.

Meanwhile, starting the 2nd of next month, Shouske 3 will be airing at the same hour as The Great Birth. The Great Birth being an imitation of Shouske, the competition will be of great interest. The Great Birth was dishonored by being an imitation, but by implementing the mentoring system, it succeeded in being distinguished from Shouske. In season 2 of The Great Birth, Lee Seung Hwan helps as the new mentor, and the program is still searching for four others.

The Great Birth has a few advantages: they air on terrestrial channel, and begin the show on 10:00 p.m, which is one hour before Shouske 3.

But, it will be hard to compete with the original audition show Shouske.

Lee Seung Chul, the judge of Shouske 3, said, “Many applicants who seemed to be talented enough for a debut attracted our interest.”


01 August 2011

We Got Married preview

Nichkhun & Victoria will meet Tasha, Tiger JK & Jordan.

Source: ThefxSource