28 November 2013

Yoon Mi Rae's 'Touch Love' chosen as the 'Best OST of the Year'

Yoon Mi Rae's 'Touch Love' was recognized as the best OST of 2013 at two awards.

Recently, Yoon Mi Rae's 'Touch Love', which was used as an OST of SBS drama 'Master's Sun', garnered 'Best OST of the Year' at '2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards(MAMA)' and 'Melon Music Awards(MMA)'.

This achievement is more meaningful, because a great number of hit OSTs were released this year.

Yoon Mi Rae's 'Touch Love' showed a huge power, dominating in every major music charts all through September, winning over new songs from EXO and G-Dragon.

Yoon Mi Rae could attend neither of the awards, but she expressed thanks to her fans through a Twitter post.

Director Oh Jun Sung, the writer of 'Touch Love', said, "It would've been great if Yoon Mi Rae attended the events. She is one of the best soul singers in Korea, and I am so glad that many people enjoyed 'Touch Love'."

Meanwhile, director Oh Jun Sung has been releasing OSTs of many hit dramas during last many year, and he held 'K-Drama with Oh Jun Sung Drama Concert' in September.


11 November 2013

Tiger JK Displays His Affection for His Wife Yoon Mi Rae on “Top Gear Korea Season 5”

Tiger JK recently appeared as a guest in the “Star Lap Time” segment of XTM’s “Top Gear Korea Season 5” where celebrities put their driving skills to the test.

“Star Lap Time” is a popular segment of the show where celebrities drive a Volkswagen Polo on a track, and their lap time gets recorded.

Tiger JK, who is famous for his lack of direction and doesn’t usually drive, said, “Before I did it, I felt very nervous, and I didn’t want to do it, but it was actually fun,” and expressed his satisfaction towards his first circuit racing experience. He went on to say, “I could’ve gone faster, but I fooled around on the corners.”

Tiger JK showed a different side of himself compared to his charismatic personality on stage. He wore a cute helmet and cheered as he sped along the “Top Gear Track.”

In connection to his wife, Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK revealed, “I still get butterflies in my stomach like I did when I first met her.” However, he evoked laughter when he revealed, “Mi Rae has a worse sense of direction than I do. She still gets confused between left and right.”

Tiger JK’s lap time will be revealed on the November 10 episode of “Top Gear Korea Season 5.”


07 November 2013

Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae Make Up After a Fight with a Cute Kiss

One of K-hip-hop’s most precious couples, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae gave fans another “aww” moment through a cute kiss photo.

On November 6, the couple along with Bizzy, were guests on the KBS radio show, “Lee Sora’s Gayo Plaza,” where they shared many hilarious and interesting stories.

During the broadcast, DJ Lee Sora asked Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, “You two look so close. Do you guys ever get into a fight?” Then Tiger JK answered, “Actually, we had a huge fight yesterday. I’m the one who gives Mirae a hard time.”

As soon as Tiger JK answered, Yoon Mirae leaned in for a surprise kiss, proving that they don’t let one silly fight get in the way of their love!

The couple then said, “It seems like we made up through this show so we’re very happy. Thank you to ‘Lee Sora’s Gayo Plaza!’”


01 November 2013

2013 Melon Music Awards Voting

Touch Love has been nominated for the Best OST at the Melon Music Awards.
You can vote for the song HERE!

Mnet Asian Music Awards Voting

Tasha & MFBTY are nominated in 3 categories for the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA):
Best Rap Performance - MFBTY
Best Original Soundtrack - Tasha with Touch Love
Song of the Year - MFBTY with Sweet Dream

vote HERE!