18 June 2015

Yoon Mi Rae Tries Glittery MAC Makeup Looks In @Star1

Rapper and singer Yoon Mi Rae sparkled in her beauty-themed pictorial for the July issue of @Star1. The photoshoot was called "Le Disco" and it included shimmering eyeshadow looks, soft pink lips, sequined adorned dresses that glimmered underneath the spotlight and a stream of puffy hairstyles.

According to the magazine, the concept highlighted the new glitter color collection by MAC Cosmetics. During her accompanying interview, Yoon discussed motherhood, how she stays "glamorous," her musical activities and future career plans.

When asked to choose her favorite song from her extensive discography, Yoon answered, "It's too hard to decide. I want to go karaoke by myself and sing all of them. I want to forget the tone and beat and just go crazy. I should go soon."

The artist also stated that she's in a very positive and creative point in her life. She explained, "I am very happy right now. I'm beside the people I love and I'm doing the music I like."

In 2013, Yoon and her husband Tiger JK, along with rapper Bizzy, left their music label Jungle Entertainment and founded their own company, FEELGHOOD MUSIC. Since then, the trio have had complete creative control over their productions.

Tiger JK, who also participated in the interview, shared his thoughts on his wife's career. He joked, "I feel dissatisfied. If Mi Rae were at SM [SM Entertainment] or YG [YG Entertainment], she would have been amazing."

Tiger JK feat. Yoon Mi Rae - 반가워요 (Forever) MV