27 October 2014

MAMA 2014 voting

The voting has begun for the MAMA 2014 awards and Tasha is nominated in the Best OST category. You can vote for your favourite artists HERE.

25 October 2014

Tiger JK reveals in “Styler” interview, “My love for Mi Rae will last forever”

One of the most lovable, fashionable, and energetic couples, Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae grace the cover for Styler Jubu Lifestyle magazine. After a year long hiatus, the King and Queen of rap have returned to the Korean music industry.

Tiger JK’s father and pop-columnist Seo Byung Hoo suffered from cancer and passed away recently, resulting in the couple’s long hiatus.

Tiger JK still lingering on his father’s memory mentioned, “My father liked to pat my head when he was alive. My hair was short then, but it has grown so much now. I couldn’t cut my hair because it feels like his touch is still here. I want to start living from now. I feel revived again since our family started on boxing since a month ago. In truth, I really don’t cry and I feel so much more better by sweating. All the sweats wash away my hurt instead of my tears.”

Tiger JK also commented on the couple’s chemistry, “My love for her will last forever since the day I met her. No matter how sexy the woman who pass by might be, I won’t even feel nervous. I hope Mirae appreciates my love.”

Yoon Mirae humorously replied during the interview, “I am truly thankful. haha. I am more the give-and-taker. It’s no fun if we both are the same. There must be a tide even in love.”

It has been eight months since the unfortunate death in their family, and the couple is now all geared up for a new album releasing this November. Don’t miss the November issue for more details on the interview of this stylish couple!

24 October 2014

Tiger JK still feels butterflies around Yoon Mi Rae

Hip hop couple Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae were featured on the cover of 'Housewife Daily' and sat down for an interview with the magazine.

The couple opened up about their 7-year marriage, revealing that they still have sparks between them. Tiger JK said, "For me, from the moment I met her until now, I feel sparks and will until the end. No matter how much of a sexy woman passes by, I don't get excited. Yoon Mi Rae should be grateful." 

Yoon Mi Rae replied, "I'm very thankful. Haha. However, I get swayed all the time. It's not fun if we're both the same. Love needs to have waves."

Tiger JK also revealed that they've taken up boxing as a family activity. He explained, "I'm trying to live from now on. Since a month ago, the whole family started boxing, and I feel like I've been reborn. To be honest, I was never able to cry. I never had the time or place to cry. Then I started boxing, and I feel relieved by sweating everyday and drenching my clothes in sweat. I think I'm washing away pain with sweat instead of tears."

Tasha & TigerJK for Styler 주부생활 (scans)