27 December 2013

Tasha to Perform at SBS Gayo Daejun

Tasha, TigerJK & Bizzy will have a hiphop collaboration stage with Eun Jiwon, Zico, Yongguk, Rap Monster and Baro on SBS Gayo Daejun.


25 December 2013

Lee Hyori to Collaborate with Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae

Lee Hyori and Tiger JK has announced their collaboration performance for the upcoming MBC Gayo Daejun!

On December 24, according to broadcasting sources, Lee Hyori, Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae will be putting on a collaborative performance on December 31 for the MBC Gayo Daejun. They will be performing a hip-hop version of one of Lee Hyori’s songs.

Lee Hyori is also planning on working with 2NE1‘s CL for the SBS Gayo Daejun on December 30 after it was revealed that Lee Hyori was hand-picking who to work with for this stage. It has been recently known that the two ladies have been having secret meetings about this highly anticipated performance. 

Meanwhile, the 2013 MBC Gayo Daejun will be hosted by Kim Sung Joo, Noh Hong Chul, Clara, Jung Joon Ha and ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Shik.


23 December 2013

Billboard Chooses Their Best Kpop Songs of 2013

10. Girls' Generation, "I Got a Boy"
09. BAE CHI GI feat. Ailee, "Shower of Tears"
08. 4Men, "Hello It's Me"
07. SISTAR19, "Gone Not Around Any Longer"
06. Nell, "Ocean of Light"
05. Taeyang, "Ringa Linga"
04. Cho Yong Pil, "Bounce"
03. f(x), "Rum Pum Pum Pum"
02. Drunken Tiger feat. Yoon Mi Rae & Bizzy, "The Cure"
The longtime collaborators teamed up once again for what might be 2013's most touching -- and at the same time soothing -- tracks. Tiger and Bizzy's deeply-reflective raps alongside Yoon Mi Rae's inspiring chorus makes for a track that will cuts deep into one's soul, but guides the listener back to the light.

01. EXO, "Growl"


19 December 2013

Lee Hyori and Yoon Mi Rae Just Chill in Comfortable Outfits

Singer Lee Hyori and Yoon Mi Rae were captured relaxing in casual outfits.

On December 15, visual artist Lumpens posted a photo of Lee Hyori and Yoon Mi Rae onto their own Twitter with a short message, “Mrs. Koreas.”

In the revealed photo, Lee Hyori and Yoon Mi Rae sit together side by side. Lee Hyori wears a flaffy cap, patted jumper, and denims, while Yoon Mi Rae is in a  hoodie, jersey and UGG boots. Although they are charismatic sexy on the stage, the divas look rather casual in their ordinary life.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori will get on a stage of SBS’s 2013 Gayo Daejun on December 29 for the first time after her marriage. Yoon Mi Rae recently released a new song “The Cure” with her husband Tiger JK and MC Bizzy.


28 November 2013

Yoon Mi Rae's 'Touch Love' chosen as the 'Best OST of the Year'

Yoon Mi Rae's 'Touch Love' was recognized as the best OST of 2013 at two awards.

Recently, Yoon Mi Rae's 'Touch Love', which was used as an OST of SBS drama 'Master's Sun', garnered 'Best OST of the Year' at '2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards(MAMA)' and 'Melon Music Awards(MMA)'.

This achievement is more meaningful, because a great number of hit OSTs were released this year.

Yoon Mi Rae's 'Touch Love' showed a huge power, dominating in every major music charts all through September, winning over new songs from EXO and G-Dragon.

Yoon Mi Rae could attend neither of the awards, but she expressed thanks to her fans through a Twitter post.

Director Oh Jun Sung, the writer of 'Touch Love', said, "It would've been great if Yoon Mi Rae attended the events. She is one of the best soul singers in Korea, and I am so glad that many people enjoyed 'Touch Love'."

Meanwhile, director Oh Jun Sung has been releasing OSTs of many hit dramas during last many year, and he held 'K-Drama with Oh Jun Sung Drama Concert' in September.


11 November 2013

Tiger JK Displays His Affection for His Wife Yoon Mi Rae on “Top Gear Korea Season 5”

Tiger JK recently appeared as a guest in the “Star Lap Time” segment of XTM’s “Top Gear Korea Season 5” where celebrities put their driving skills to the test.

“Star Lap Time” is a popular segment of the show where celebrities drive a Volkswagen Polo on a track, and their lap time gets recorded.

Tiger JK, who is famous for his lack of direction and doesn’t usually drive, said, “Before I did it, I felt very nervous, and I didn’t want to do it, but it was actually fun,” and expressed his satisfaction towards his first circuit racing experience. He went on to say, “I could’ve gone faster, but I fooled around on the corners.”

Tiger JK showed a different side of himself compared to his charismatic personality on stage. He wore a cute helmet and cheered as he sped along the “Top Gear Track.”

In connection to his wife, Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK revealed, “I still get butterflies in my stomach like I did when I first met her.” However, he evoked laughter when he revealed, “Mi Rae has a worse sense of direction than I do. She still gets confused between left and right.”

Tiger JK’s lap time will be revealed on the November 10 episode of “Top Gear Korea Season 5.”


07 November 2013

Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae Make Up After a Fight with a Cute Kiss

One of K-hip-hop’s most precious couples, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae gave fans another “aww” moment through a cute kiss photo.

On November 6, the couple along with Bizzy, were guests on the KBS radio show, “Lee Sora’s Gayo Plaza,” where they shared many hilarious and interesting stories.

During the broadcast, DJ Lee Sora asked Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, “You two look so close. Do you guys ever get into a fight?” Then Tiger JK answered, “Actually, we had a huge fight yesterday. I’m the one who gives Mirae a hard time.”

As soon as Tiger JK answered, Yoon Mirae leaned in for a surprise kiss, proving that they don’t let one silly fight get in the way of their love!

The couple then said, “It seems like we made up through this show so we’re very happy. Thank you to ‘Lee Sora’s Gayo Plaza!’”


01 November 2013

2013 Melon Music Awards Voting

Touch Love has been nominated for the Best OST at the Melon Music Awards.
You can vote for the song HERE!

Mnet Asian Music Awards Voting

Tasha & MFBTY are nominated in 3 categories for the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA):
Best Rap Performance - MFBTY
Best Original Soundtrack - Tasha with Touch Love
Song of the Year - MFBTY with Sweet Dream

vote HERE!

08 October 2013

Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mi Rae & Bizzy Find 'The Cure': Exclusive Video Interview + Photoshoot

Hip-hop power couple Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mi Rae are perhaps the most respected rap artists in Korea today. The couple revolutionized the Korean music industry through their cultivation of the then-nascent hip-hop genre in Korea during the 1990s and early 2000s. Years later, with longtime collaborator and talented rapper Bizzy by their side, their lives and careers have only gained more momentum. 

The trio started 2013 off with a bang, releasing a project single entitled, "Sweet Dreams," (which peaked at No. 13 on the K-Pop Hot 100 in January, 2013) under the group name MFBTY, an acronym that stands for "My Fans Better Than Yours." The group also contributed to the expansion, and validation, of Korean hip-hop at MIDEM in France, one of the world's largest music festivals.

Months later, the trio is back at it again, continuing their story through the mini-single "The Cure," the first album of three released from the group's upcoming "trilogy" project. The title track, which peaked at No. 6, is an inspirational song dedicated to Tiger's father, who is currently battling cancer. He and Bizzy stridently rap encouraging words, while Yoon Mi Rae mellows things down with her warm vocals.

In honor of the release of "The Cure," and Yoon Mi Rae's No. 1 single "Touch Love," the trio chatted with Billboard in an exclusive video interview about their new album, future promotional plans and the pros of having worked with each other for over a decade.

07 October 2013

Strength In NUMBERS - Episode 2 feat. Tasha & TigerJK

Drunken Tiger returns with message of hope

Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-rae and Bizzy have seen it all. From their beginnings in the hip-hop industry when Tiger JK would perform for free tapas, up to now, with the release of a new album, Drunken Tiger’s ninth, they have seen both ups and downs.

All three got into hip-hop in different ways. For Yoon Mi-rae, or Tasha, it was her dad who first influenced her. She said he was in the U.S. Army, but at the same time, he would also DJ for parties as a side job. 

“I grew up listening to my dad DJ, so I guess it kind of happened naturally,” she said. From there, she said she got lucky when she tagged along to a friend’s audition and was picked up as well.

Bizzy said that as a child he would sing commercial jingles or melodies. He added that he wanted to be an R&B singer initially, but he felt he wasn’t good enough as a singer. 

For Tiger JK, hip-hop was a means to fit in. Growing up in Los Angeles, hip-hop was everywhere.

“L.A. was all, the culture is really strong. Either you’re down with hip-hop or you’re an outsider,” he said. “You did your own thing, but hip-hop was like this, our own underground movement where we thought we were cool and we were rebels. You get to express yourself in the most outrageous ways.”

But the group said that in Korea, they felt lonely when they started out in hip-hop. Yoon said it wasn’t until she met Tiger JK that she realized there were other people out there who liked the same music and doing the same things she did, such as jam sessions or writing rhymes together. 

But she said at the same time, it opened her eyes to how lonely everyone in the hip-hop movement was. 

“The rappers were actually the audience,” she said. “We would get on stage and perform. And the people clapping for you would then get up, and come on stage and perform. And then we would go down and clap.”

Bizzy agreed, saying he too felt he was alone in his interest of hip-hop.

“I was just writing in a diary, from the heart, and trying to rhyme it,” he said. From there, he showed his writing to a friend and was then introduced to a crew and the underground scene.

The trio said they came together organically. The underground hip-hop scene back then was small, so everyone knew each other. Since they’ve been together, Yoon said they have learned each other’s chemistry and often know when someone is about to mess up, even before the person knows themselves. 

But despite their many years in the Korean hip-hop scene, and the respect they receive from fans and other artists alike, the group finds themselves once again starting over from the bottom up. 

They recently branched off to start their own label, Feel Ghood Music, and just released their first album under the new company called “Cure.” However, despite the fact that the album made music charts in Korea, Tiger JK said they haven’t had much media attention. 

They said that the theme behind the album was simplicity and hope. 

“I feel like everyone is always going towards the provocativeness,” said Tiger JK. “So what is provocative became really boring for us. It didn’t provoke us or invoke us or anything. It didn’t inspire us, so, we started just making music. And we wanted to send a positive message.”

Yoon added that the struggles the three were going through at the time also influenced the album. 

“We were going through some stuff personally and with our prior company, so, at the time, I think our mind frame or state of mind was that life is complicated as it is, let’s just simplify everything,” she said.

For Tiger JK, it was also important that his father be involved in the project. He said his father was recently diagnosed with cancer, but he is going through chemotherapy and fighting. On the front of the album, the name “Salja,” the albums name in Korean, is actually his father’s handwriting. 

They said that everyone involved in the album, from the artist who created the animation in the music video to their friends who stopped by their studio in Uijeongbu for jam sessions, felt the message they wanted to send. Hope.

“Every moment we really appreciate,” said Tiger JK. “When we hit bottom, all the cliches started popping up and then became the most powerful philosophy. ... What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. ... Either you quit or die or you fight and find a way.”

They said their next step is to continue to get their music out there and heard, and to “cure” people. They’ve put together a band and hope to take them on the road for shows. 

They said they often lock themselves up in their studio recording and fans will be hearing non-stop music from them. They are planning to release two more albums to complete the “Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mi-rae and Bizzy” series, as well as solo albums.

By Emma Kalka (

the korea herald

06 October 2013

NAVER's Musician's Choice

For the final week of September

01. The Roots with Jaguar Wright - What You Want
02. Eric Benét - Poetry Girl
03. Da Brat - Da B Side
04. Diana King - Shy Guy
05. Refugee Camp All-Stars with Lauryn Hill - The Sweetest Thing
06. Cassie - Girl
07. Monica with Usher - Slow Jam
08. Earth, Wind & Fire - September
09. Outkast with Sleepy Brown - I Can't Wait
10. Eve with Keyshia Cole - Never

Her previous ones are here

04 October 2013

Tiger JK praises wife Yoon Mirae as the best female rapper

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+835, -18] The top four female rappers of Korea
1. T
2. Tasha
3. Yoon Mirae
4. Jordan's mom

2. [+463, -9] A couple where the husband loses in rap skill to his wife ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+458, -13] Everyone knows this as fact, right? ^^ ㅎㅎ

4. [+43, -1] Yoon Mirae has been recognized all over the world...; She's past the point of being argued about whether she's top or not in Korea...

5. [+36, -1] She's of a different class

6. [+33, -0] She's at the top not only with female rappers but males as well

7. [+26, -1] A great singer as well ㅋㅋ I still listen to "After Time Passes" and it's still so great ㅜㅜ

8. [+23, -1] No rapper in Asia to beat T 

9. [+18, -1] The top female rapper? No, you mean the top in all of Korea!

10. [+12, -1] No one in Asia can touch her. Everyone knows that she's recognized worldwide for her talent. 

01 October 2013

[Sep 28] Mini Midem Concert in ChunCheon

09/28/13 ChunCheon City, South Korea - Two weeks after the release of The Cure, Drunken Tiger, Yoon MiRae, and Bizzy held their first “public” performance (The first official performance was the Google concert on the release date, but was not fully “public”).  Catering to quiet crowd in pouring rain, the trio did a full hour set including a mixture of songs from old and new albums. Major highlights included JK distributing multiple copies of his new album the crowd and the public debut of their band, The Feel Ghood Band. Hey, if you’re dedicated enough to stand in the rain for a concert, you might as well get something free!


More photos & videos on DrunkenCamp

27 September 2013

Drunken Tiger’s Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy to Headline “Kollaboration Star 2013″ in Pasadena

Great news!

Hip-hop legend Drunken Tiger will be coming to Pasadena, California in November for “Kollaboration Star 2013!”

Drunken Tiger, comprised of Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy, recently made a comeback through the release of a new mini-album “The Cure“. “Kollaboration Star 2013″ will mark the group’s first U.S. performance since their new mini-album release with a special one-hour set.

“Kollaboration Star”, an annual talent competition bringing in Asian talents from all over North America, is back for a second year this year. Six finalists, five of them selected based on an online vote out of thirteen city representatives of local Kollaboration talent contests, will be competing for the national title of Kollaboration Star 2013 and a $20,000 Grand Prize. This year’s competition will also be hosted by YouTube comedian David So, with guest appearances from Paul “PK” Kim and Kollaboration alumni Mike Song and KRNFX.

“Kollaboration Star 2013″ will be held on Saturday, November 16th at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, with tickets going on sale on October 10th. 

For more information regarding “Kollaboration Star 2013,” be sure to visit them on their Facebook page or website.


20 September 2013

DJ Bonics presents the official Strength In NUMBERS sampler #1

Tasha&TigerJK's 'Turn It Up' starts at 5:50

Concept photos for 'the Cure'

Producer CHOPS To Release Project Album "Strength In NUMBERS" ft. Tiger JK, Tasha, Paul Kim, M-Flo & More!

Hit producer CHOPS is planning to release a special album that features some of the best Asian and Asian-American artists in entertainment. We are talking about artists like Tiger JK, Tasha(Yoon Mi Rae), M-Flo(Verbal), Paul Kim, Baiyu, Erika David, Decipher, Lil Crazed and many many more. With over 30 artists taking part in this new project album, CHOPS as well as the artists need your help to fund this album. 

They have a goal of $25,000 and they have 43 days left to reach this goal. The backers of project aren't just funding the album but getting something in return (read it HERE on the Kickstarter site).

They've revealed a colorful album cover that features all the names of the artists who have participated.

Check out CHOPS Official Website HERE.  Also, to back this project or find out more about it, click HERE


18 September 2013

Drunken Tiger rules the music charts with his new release

Drunken Tiger has recently made a comeback after a four-year hiatus with a song titled ‘The Cure.’

Tiger JK, who plays the main role in Drunken Tiger, with his wife Yoon Mi Rae and friend Bizzy by his side, has released his ninth album and presented a new side to his music.

The album consists of  nine tracks, six of which ranked in the top 10 on the Bugs real-time music charts. Tiger JK has once again proved that he is as influential as ever.

Additionally, the album itself reached the number one spot on various music charts including Naver, Soribada, Olleh, Bugs, and Mnet.

Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy, excited over the instant success of ‘The Cure’ posted on their Facebook, “The new album was killing the charts with us taking #1 on five of the biggest music sites (Bugs, Olleh, Naver, Mnet, Soribada) in Korea and we are rising in the charts on another site called Melon as we speak. On some of the sites our 9 songs are holding places on the top 10 spots” 

Tiger JK commented, “For all those who need a cure, this album is like a warm and comforting letter comprised of melodic acoustic guitar and jam.” He has also revealed that his father, music journalist Seo Byung Hoo, was a main inspiration for the album.


17 September 2013

Instiz releases chart rankings for the third week of September 2013

The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank music sales, and it's also what fans use to determine whether their favorite artist has achieved an "All-Kill".

Check out the chart rankings for the third week of September (September 9 to September 15) below!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Yoon Mi Rae - "Touch Love" - 37,099 Points

2. Soyu & Mad Clown - "Stupid In Love" - 28,382 Points

3. G-Dragon - "Crooked" - 18,780 Points

4. G-Dragon ft. Jennie Kim - "Black" - 16,907 Points

5. G-Dragon - "Who You?" - 14,920 Points

6. Hyorin - "Driving Me Crazy" - 14,401 Points

7. ZIA ft. Haeri - "If You Loved Me" - 12,507 Points

8. EXO - "Growl" - 12,214 Points

9. Drunken Tiger with Yoon Mi Rae & Bizzy - "The Cure" - 11,678 Points

10. Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim) ft. Swings - "Voice" - 10,834 Points


Drunken Tiger, “Cliché but the Hope of Music… Staying Humble”

Drunken Tiger’s new album “The Cure (살자)” with Yoonmirae and Bizzy… “United as one”

(Seoul=Yeonhab News) Lee Eunjung reporter: One could argue that hiphop has become flashy.  The overwhelming sound with increasing syllables and faster flow.  Not to mention the recent diss tracks by hiphop artists attacking each other.

Unlike this seemingly trending and busy hiphop style, Korea’s arguably first hiphop artist Drunken Tiger (Tiger JK) is sticking to his roots. Netizens recently commented, “A real hiphop artist returns”, “hiphop president”, and “the return of the King”.
At first glance, the title of Drunken Tiger’s new album–The Cure (살자)–sounds basic and ordinary.  Even the track titles–Beautiful Life, Time Travel (첫눈이 오면 설레였던 꼬마아이), The Cure–suggests a lack of flavour.

The sound production is relatively light, warmly surrounding the hiphop flow with guitar, djembe, piano, and other acoustic instruments  The album jacket also seems basic, like an LP.

However, one cannot judge a book by its cover.  Two months ago, Drunken Tiger, Yoonmirae and Bizzy left Jungle Entertainment and pursued music with their own label “Feel Ghood Music” founded in Gyeongi-do’s Yuejung-bu.  The lyrics, the sound production, and the style were all inspired by past and current experiences, including Tiger JK’s own father who is currently battling cancer with chemotherapy.

read more on hiphopkr

15 September 2013

[Sep 15] Fansign event in Busan

Yoon Mi Rae Holds Off 12 G-Dragon Tracks for Second Week Atop K-Pop Hot 100

Yoon Mi Rae (aka T) continues a second week atop the K-Pop Hot 100 with soundtrack ballad "Touch Love," recorded for the Korean drama "Master's Sun." The SBS TV series, starring Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub, hit its highest rating on Sept. 12 at 19.3% (an 1% increase from last week's viewer rating at 18.3%), according to Nielsen Media Research. Another single to the drama, "Crazy of You" by SISTAR's Hyorin drops to No. 5 from No. 2. With the drama's popularity steadily growing, the singles are expected to hover near the Top 10 in the following weeks.

Currently, Yoon Mi Rae is also sweeping Korea's real-time music charts with her husband, Drunken Tiger, and his longtime collaborator Bizzy. Drunken Tiger released hotly-anticipated EP, "The Cure," on Sept. 13 under new music label, FEEL GHOOD Music. The title track is an inspirational track that gives hope to those that are going through tough times with uplifting lyrics. It's expected to make a big splash on next week's K-pop chart.


14 September 2013

Drunken Tiger's EP 'The Cure' garners support of other artists as it tops various music charts

Despite returning rather quietly to the music scene with the new EP 'The Cure' after 5 years of inactivity, Drunken Tiger is as popular as ever.  As soon as the album was released, it has been gracing the top spots of various Korean music charts.  As a matter of fact, the songs have taken six of the ten spots on Bugs Music's Top Ten Chart!

It definitely doesn't hurt that other celebrities are widely supporting the artist.  Haha wrote on his Twitter: "The MV and song are the best!  I'm really touched!  The Cure!!  Amazing!!  As usual the Tiger couple is amazing!  Bizzy is amazing!" 

Lee Hyori also publicized their MV on her Twitter with the encouraging cheer, "Fighting!  The Cure."

The album, also featuring Tiger JK's wife Yoon Mi Rae, MC Bizzy, and YouTube sensation David Choi on the guitar is sure to make those who are weary of life want to keep on living.  

Tiger JK said, "For all those who need a cure, this album is like a warm and comforting letter comprised of a melodic acoustic guitar and jam."  

Check it out to get an inspirational boost for the day ahead!

살자 (The Cure) lyrics [hangul+translation]

They say 항상 밝게 웃는 나
아픔 따윈 모른대
내 맘은 울고 있는데
Oh But I Say 밝게 웃는 내 맘 속엔
어두운 그늘에 가려진 난 그런 내가
싫지만 슬픈 내 맘은 웃게 될 거야

매일 돌아오는 새벽 밤은 나의 벗
혼자 있는 내가 외로울까 와 있어
해지면 이유 없이 눈물이 차 있어
갑자기 이유 없이 옛사랑에 차였던
밤하늘 바라보며 눈물을 참았던
바보 같이 울지 못해 눈물을 삼켰던
매일 돌아오는 새벽 밤은 나의 벗
혼자 있는 내가 외로울까 와 있어

매일 돌아오는 새벽 밤은 나의 벗
혼자 우는 내가 외로울까 와 있어
너 없는 여기에는 시간도 멈춰있어
멀리 가지마 너 거기 거기서
제발 기달려 줘 너 거기에 서 있어
여기서 혼자 새벽 방안 속 미치겠어
네가 혼을 실어 만들어준 머그컵이 깨졌어
내 손에 박혀 피가나
근데 왜 난 널 탓 할까

It's a Cold Cold World Out There
Sometime I Feel As If No Body Cares
I'm Down Down Down
Can Somebody Save Me Now x2

나 힘들어도
I Gotta Get Up  Don't Give Up Now
슬픈 내 맘도
언젠가 웃게 될 거야

매일 돌아오는 아침 해는 나의 벗
혼자 있는 내가 외로울까 날 비춰 줘
해 뜨면 새들은 하늘 위로 날개 쳐
가끔 새들도 할 수 없이 날겠지
가끔 나도 몰라 내가 뭔 말 하는지
하지만 어디 누군간 내 맘을 알겠지
매일 돌아오는 아침 해는 날 비춰 줘
I Gotta Get Up And Stand Up Now

매일 돌아오는 아침 해는 나의 벗
혼자 우는 내가 외로울까 날 비춰
너를 만나기 전으로 돌아가고파
모든 게 행복했던 내가 아주 어릴 적
너를 떠나보낸 이유를 아직 넌 모르지
걷는 것도 힘든 나를 넌 알고 있는지
너를 찾아가 저 지구 반대편도
멀지 않아 머지않아 나는 널 갖겠죠

It s a Cold Cold World Out There
Sometime I Feel As If No Body Cares
I'm Down Down Down
Can Somebody Save Me Now x2

나 힘들어도
I Gotta Get Up Don’t Give Up Now
슬픈 내 맘도
언젠가 웃게 될 거야

나 힘들어도
I Gotta Get Up Don’t Give Up Now
슬픈 내 맘도
이젠 웃게 될 거야

11 September 2013

'Beautiful Life' audio preview

+ Watch Beyond K-Pop Hangout with Tasha & TigerJK Sep 11, 8PM KST

10 September 2013

"Beautiful Life Begins" Drunken Tiger Comeback Teaser Part.1 & Part.2

Drunken Tiger Announces New Album “The Cure (살자)” Feat Yoonmirae and Bizzy

The upcoming album title [The Cure] “Let’s Live” is dedicated to those who require a “cure” to pain and suffering.

Drunken Tiger, who finally returns to the music scene after 5 years of hiatus, is releasing a new album that will no doubt impress everyone.  Featuring Yoonmirae and Bizzy, his upcoming album title track “Let’s Live [The Cure]” steps out of the current trendy hiphop music and is instead filled with acoustic vibe and djembe percussions.

Totalling nine tracks, [The Cure] paints a story of a man and his confessions of living his life as a hiphop artist.

The track [Beautiful Life] is about the times of hardship and struggle, and the realization one experiences about his “beautiful life.”

[The Child Excited For First Snowfall (Time Travel) (첫눈이 오면 설레였던 꼬마아이)] celebrates the nostalgic joy of music and the hope that one finds through the psychological time travel. “Life, like a roller coaster, is a series of unexpected twists and turns, where despair follows after happiness, but also the hopes of searching good news within the bad.”

Through [The Cure], Drunken Tiger lends a friendly hand and hopes to bring happiness to those suffering in pain.  The album also features tracks “Sweet Dream”, “BizzyTigerYoonmirae”, “All in Together (뭉쳐)”, GO, and Get It IN, as well as a reggae version of “Let’s Live (The Cure).”

09 September 2013

Instiz releases chart rankings for the second week of September 2013

The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank music sales, and it's also what fans use to determine whether their favorite artist has achieved an "All-Kill".

Check out the chart rankings for the second week of September (September 2 to September 8) below!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Yoon Mi Rae - "Touch Love" - 36,760 Points

2. G-Dragon - "Who You?" - 23,847 Points

3. G-Dragon ft. Jennie Kim - "Black" - 23,311 Points

4. G-Dragon - "Crooked" - 17,572 Points

5. Hyorin - "Driving Me Crazy" - 14,898 Points

6. EXO - "Growl" - 13,648 Points

7. Sunmi - "24 Hours" - 11,108 Points

8. KARA - "Damaged Lady" - 10,384 Points

9. ZIA ft. Haeri - "If You Loved Me" - 9,754 Points

10. G-Dragon ft. Diplo & Baauer - "Coup D'etat" - 10,659 Points

Drunken Tiger with Tasha&Bizzy - 살자 : The Cure tracklist

1. Beautiful Life
2. 첫눈이 오면 설레였던 꼬마아이
3. 살자 (The Cure)
4. Sweet Dream
5. BizzyTigerYoonmirae
6. 뭉쳐(All In Together)
7. GO
8. Get It In
9. 살자(The Cure) Reggae Ver.

There's also going to be two fansign events.

To commemorate the release of the newest Drunken Tiger album from Feel Ghood Music, we have organized an opportunity for the fams to meet with Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae and Bizzy in Seoul and Busan and get personalised & autographed copies of the album.
Please come out and show your love!

SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2013 - 8PM

SEPTEMBER 15th, 2013 - 5PM

feelghood, aladin

06 September 2013

Yoon Mi Rae Earns First K-Pop Hot 100 No. 1 With 'Touch Love'

With over two decades in the industry under her belt, rapper/singer Yoon Mi Rae has a huge new hit with her single "Touch Love," a soundtrack contribution to Korean drama "Master's Sun." While Yoon Mi Rae (also known as T) is known for helping introduce South Korea to the then-absent hip-hop genre, this ballad sees the American flexing her R&B sensibilities. 

The heartfelt midtempo track features Yoon Mi Rae (who's also a member of trio MFBTY) delivering quivering vocals calling out for love. With the piano ballad anchored around an earworm of a hook, expect this one to float around the K-Pop Hot 100 for awhile.

Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for August 25 - August 31

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

< Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking >

1. Yoon Mi Rae - "Touch Love"

2. Sunmi - "24 Hours"

3. Baek Ji Young - "Is Crying"

4. Hyorin - "Driving Me Crazy"

5. Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim) - "Rain"

6. EXO - "Growl"

7. TEEN TOP - "Rocking"

8. LYn - "I Like This Song"

9. Bumkey ft. Dynamic Duo - "Attraction"

10. SPICA - "Tonight"

< Online Downloads For The Week >

1. Yoon Mi Rae - "Touch Love" – 294,409 Downloads

2. Sunmi - "24 Hours"  - 254,339 Downloads

3. Baek Ji Young - "Is Crying" - 205,323 Downloads

4. Hyorin - "Driving Me Crazy" – 162,152 Downloads

5. Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim) - "Rain" - 139,646 Downloads

6. LYn - "I Like This Song" – 134,728 Downloads

7. TEEN TOP - "Rocking" – 119,792 Downloads

8. SPICA - "Tonight" - 102,297 Downloads

9. EXO - "Growl" - 99,394 Downloads

10. Bumkey ft. Dynamic Duo - "Attraction" - 97,779 Downloads


02 September 2013

Instiz releases chart rankings for the first week of September 2013

The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank music sales, and it's also what fans use to determine whether their favorite artist has achieved an "All-Kill".

Check out the chart rankings for the third week of September (August 26 to September 1) below!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Yoon Mi Rae - "Touch Love" - 31,569 Points

2. Sunmi - "24 Hours" - 22,609 Points

3. Hyorin - "Driving Me Crazy" - 22,316 Points

4. EXO - "Growl" - 18,865 Points

5. Baek Ji Young - "Is Crying" - 17,400 Points

6. Bumkey ft. Dynamic Duo - "Attraction" - 12,774 Points

7. Crayon Pop - "Bar Bar Bar" - 12,649 Points

8. LYn - "I Like This Song" - 12,071 Points

9. Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim) - "Rain" - 11,383 Points

10. San E - "Story Of Someone I Know" - 10,659 Points


01 September 2013

Yoon Mi Rae achieves a 'perfect all-kill' with 'Touch Love'

Female hip-hop artist Yoon Mi Rae (Tasha) has scored a perfect all-kill with her latest OST track, "Touch Love"!

A perfect all-kill ("PAK") happens when an individual song sweeps all of South Korea's major music charts and places first on the weekly iChart on Instiz.

Moving away from her hip-hop roots, "Touch Love" is a soft ballad for the SBS drama, 'The Sun Of My Master'.


24 August 2013

Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae's son Jordan dresses up for the 'Green Label Campaign'

Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae's son Jordan participated in a photoshoot for MLB and MLB Kids' 'Green Label Campaign'.

The 'Green Label Campaign' is a campaign to prevent children from getting lost. To prevent them from becoming lost children, a small green label with information such as their address and phone numbers are attached to the inside of an MLB Kids snapback, so when kids go out to play outside, they'll be equipped with a label through their hat. 

25 July 2013

MFBTY leaves Jungle Entertainment; Tiger JK starts new label “FeelGhood Music”

In January 2013, Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae, and Bizzy formed the trio group MFBTY. The three have been separate acts technically, but had performed usually together. The three performers had been signed to Jungle Entertainment, originally founded by Tiger JK and his father, Suh Byung Hoo, since its establishment in 2006. However, on July 21st, Tiger JK announced on his Twitter account that all he had left the label. Yoon MiRae and Bizzy soon followed celebrating a new start.

Read more here

04 May 2013

Lost Valley Song

CF Listen to the full song here!

Welcome to Lost Valley
움직여 이제 기지개 핀다 로스트 밸리 모험의 시작 X2

신비한 세상 속의 소년처럼 뛰어놀자 야생의 소년처럼 노는 게 힘 노는 게 힘 모험하자 Welcome to Lost Valley X2

꿈에 그렸던 신비한 신기한 동물들
Dream come true (Elephant shoe) 꿈속 뛰놀던 그림들
손에 손을 잡고 잃은 용기를 찾고
모험을 떠나가자 우리 다시 돌아가자

찾아가자 찾아가자 찾아가자 찾아가
소년의 마음으로(아야야야야예예) 놀아보자
로스트밸리로(아야야야야예예) 놀아보자

신비한 세상 속의 소년처럼 뛰어놀자 야생의 소년처럼
노는 게 힘 노는 게 힘 모험하자 Welcome to Lost Valley
왼쪽 오른쪽 온 사방에 동심의 세계가 열려
낭만에 젖은 소년이 되어 난 모험의 톰소여
빨리빨리 모두 모여 노는 게 힘

움직여 이제 기지개 핀다 로스트 밸리 모험의 시작
노는 게 노는 게 노는 게 힘이다 (로스트 밸리로) X4

찾아가자 찾아가자 찾아가자 찾아가
소년의 마음으로(아야야야야예예) 놀아보자
로스트밸리로(아야야야야예예) 놀아보자

신비한 세상 속의 소년처럼 뛰어놀자 야생의 소년처럼 노는 게 힘 노는 게 힘 모험하자 Welcome to Lost Valley X2

움직여 이제 기지개 핀다 로스트 밸리 모험의 시작 X2

10 April 2013

MIB feat. Tasha - Money In The Building

여자들은 그래 이왕 놀러 온 김에
클럽에서 돼보자 이름 뒤에 붙는 히메
노골적으로 티 내 앙탈스런 기집애
근데 넌 별로 안 이뻐 물론 몸매는 반비례
영광으로 알아 널 선택한 것에 대해
내가 궁금한 건 이름 말고 니 번호 11개
안 걸릴게 치매 저기 패배자들은 끝나고
ESPN과 함께 먹는데 치맥
넌 늑대가 무섭니 그래 나는 '이리'도 무섭지
피카소도 못 그리는 우리 둘의 그림
우린 블랙잭 난 Ace 넌 Queen

Sexy한 Lip에 나온 애드립
너는 화려한 Christmas Tree
Not At All Baby Not At All 좀 더 아래로 *2

I'm Burn It Up Gonna Make You 미치도록 Over
Turn It Up Gonna Let Them Music Bring Us Closer
In This Club Gonna Make It 멈추지 마 Forever Get It Out

Yeah 달려라 달려
무슨 말이 필요하겠어 Volume Up 시키고
한 잔씩 걸치고 시작할 거니까
첫 잔을 먼저 들이켜 Swallow
Let`s Talk About It 한 번 더 상기시켜
후덥지근해 미치겠잖아 환기시켜
야 오늘만큼은 애인 꽤 많이 지나쳤나봐 와 어지럽네
Ugk Huh 게워네 중간에 빠지는 법은 안 배웠네
끝까지 살아남아 봐라 나랑 너
지금 어느 곳이 필요한지 알아

Sexy한 Lip에 나온 애드립
너는 화려한 Christmas Tree
Not At All Baby Not At All 좀 더 아래로 *2

I'm Burn It Up Gonna Make You 미치도록 Over
Turn It Up Gonna Let Them Music Bring Us Closer
In This Club Gonna Make It 멈추지 마 Forever Get It Out

만남을 고민 말어 신중하게 너 생각하지 말어
오늘 밤이 지나면은 또다시 우리 보지 않을 거를 알어
아까부터 봐왔어 Baby Girl 준비가 됐으면은 Baby Let It Go
이제는 데리고 나가 너 내 손을 잡아
아가 서둘러 왜냐면 벌써졌어 해가
Uh 시간이 없어 고민할 생각은 하면 할수록 멀미나
굳이 겁이 나지 않으면 Follow Me Now Yeah

Sexy한 Lip에 나온 애드립
너는 화려한 Christmas Tree
Not At All Baby Not At All 좀 더 아래로 *2

I'm Burn It Up Gonna Make You 미치도록 Over
Turn It Up Gonna Let Them Music Bring Us Closer
In This Club Gonna Make It 멈추지 마 Forever Get It Out

오늘이 아니면 내일은 어때 내일이 아니면 나는 손 떼

너는 나에게서 절대로 못 떼 왜 묻힐 거야 나의 손 때

눈높이를 맞춰 Eye Contact 다른 건 없어 넌 나의 선택

뭐가 그리도 걱정돼 내일은 없다고

MIB feat. MFBTY - 난장판

음주랩 음주랩 음주랩 금주랩

Bass Drum Tiger
음주 Rapping My Style Is Drunken
Bizzy 내 오른팔 팔 년 지기
명콤비 The Illy, The Quiett과 Dok2
최자와 개코 E-Sens와 쌈디
All In Together Now 나찰과 메타
형 간단히 말하자면 죽음의 조
지금 박수 소리 말고는 다 묵음해 줘
I Say Jinu And Sean 외쳐 A-Yo
Jinu Sean A-Yo
날 따라 해요 날 따라 해요
날 따라 해봐요 음주 랩교
취중진담에 흐트러진 요점
오랜만에 술잔에 흐려지는 초점
흐려지는 초점은 내 눈을 속여
오랜만에 술잔 그녀는 날 녹여

Say Ho 올려라 잔을 위로 올라가
나는 위로 우주 넘어 저 멀리로 내 목소리 퍼져 나가

음주랩 음주랩 음주랩 금주랩

Yo 술 자린 원체 말들이 많아
So 숫자를 세 이제 술을 따라 난 폭탄주 제조
혼을 담아놔 One Shot 한다면 졸음이 달아나
쭉 들이켜 음주 Rapping 의정 to the 부 준비됐지
Young Cream The Best 커지는 기대치
Like 취권 Flow 눈치껏 옆으로

1 MIC 1 Bottle 1 Shot More Bass
기분대로 따라가는 차원
할 말이 쌓인 만큼 나와버린 본심
싸그리 다 내 맘대로 지어버린 공식
후라이드 한 마리에 500cc
알탕 한 그릇에 진하게 Fresh
마셔 마셔 4차 5차까지 Till Ya Pass Out
음주 Rapping In Ma Style Is Drunken

Say Ho 올려라 잔을 위로 올라가
나는 위로 우주 넘어 저 멀리로 내 목소리 퍼져 나가

음주랩 음주랩 음주랩 금주랩

You're The Only One Way 오직 너를 원해
Heaven에서 자는 나는 에일리's Pet
언제 집에 갈 거냐 물을 땐 말해 Not Yet
밤새 Shake That 서로가 닿게 Rock Your Body
조수미와 같은 옥타브로 소릴 질러줘
짝을 지어 남녀 니 맘을 빌려줘
Money In the Building 나를 벌어
다들 이구동성 오늘 집에 안 가요

취하면 취할수록 이뻐지네
시간이 갈수록 이뻐지네 사랑의 짝대기 이어졌네

디기댕 디기댕 디기디기댕댕
그래 이제 한번 피워 보자 난장판
Wah Gon Liquor Shot What A Bam Bam
쿵탁 사이 빈공간 내 장난감
나 타샤 I Rock You Like Medusa
넘버1은 윤미래를 대신하는 숫자
앞에서도 보여 That's Why Y'all Fronting
올려라 잔을 위로 Representing Drunken

음주랩 음주랩 음주랩 금주랩

MIB feat. Tasha - Hello Goodbye

아무것도 보이지가 않아
아무것도 들리지가 않아
그 어떤 향기조차 달거나 쓴맛조차
이젠 내게 아무것도 느껴지지 않아
만남과 이별이란 반복
매일 새벽 데이트 코스였던 한남동
가로등 불이 꺼지듯 아침이 되어서야
잠이 들지 날 제발 그만 좀
괴롭혔으면 해 너도 외로웠으면 해
우리였던 모든 기억들을 휴지통으로 던져버려
과연 겨울에서 다시 봄으로

And I Wonder Are You Out There
Are You Out Doing The Same Thing
What I'd Give To Have You Closer
For You I Would Give Anything

Do U Ever Think About Ever Think About Me
너 땜에 울기도 하고 그리워 욕도 해보고
Do U Ever Think About Ever Think About Me
넌 어떻게 눈물 없이 떠나버렸니

너와 나 둘이 매번 미리 정해놨었던 마무리
웨딩드레스 And 턱시도 부케를 받은 아가씨
이 모든 게 나에게는 모두 꿈이었던 걸까
아무도 오지 않는 빈집 바람과 함께 사라지잖아
Hello And Bye Looking For Your Ma
커피는 시럽을 넣은 듯 만듯한 Regular Size And Rol l된
계란과 치즈라면 하나 소박한 듯 보이지만 속은 꽉 찬 사랑
내가 말로는 뭘 못해 멎은 내 심장을 Shopping해
멍청이가 쏘아 올린 공은 높이 날지 못해
그래 난 사람을 알았을 땐 사랑은 Fail
사랑을 알았을 땐 사람은 Fail

And I Wonder Are You Out There
Are You Out Doing The Same Thing
What I'd Give To Have You Closer
For You I Would Give Anything

Do U Ever Think About Ever Think About Me
너 땜에 울기도 하고 그리워 욕도 해보고
Do U Ever Think About Ever Think About Me
넌 어떻게 눈물 없이 떠나버렸니

눈물 없이 떠나버린 널 찾아 헤매
여기 너 안 보이는 밤거리 나 머저리 같애
마주치고 싶지만 솔직히 용기 안나 가끔 이런 날 보면 욕이
이제 그만 괴롭혔으면 해 너도 외로웠으면 해
이제 그만 괴롭혔으면 해 너도 외로웠으면 해

Hello Goodbye Hello Goodbye
And I Wonder Are You Out There
Are You Out Doing The Same Thing
What I'd Give To Have You Closer
For You I Would Give Anything

Do U Ever Think About Ever Think About Me
너 땜에 울기도 하고 그리워 욕도 해보고
Do U Ever Think About Ever Think About Me
넌 어떻게 눈물 없이 떠나버렸니

05 April 2013

MIB's 2nd minialbum to feature Tasha (+MFBTY)

01. Money In the Building
02. 끄덕여줘!
03. Hello Goodbye [Feat. t윤미래]
04. 난장판 [Feat. MFBTY]
05. M.I.B가 나.가.신다

Release date: April 10th

21 March 2013

Tiger JK rates Yoon Mi Rae’s rap skills

It seems Tiger JK doesn’t have anything but praise for his wife Yoon Mi Rae.

On the latest YTN‘s ‘Issue and People‘, the couple came out to talk about the project group MFBTY and their performance in Cannes, France. Tiger JK said, “People thought Yoon Mi Rae would just dance and sing with me, but it all ended when she started rapping. Everyone only looked for Yoon Mi Rae, so I was disappointed. She’s a talent that’s wasted,” adding that he believes she has the skills to make it to the top globally.

Yoon Mi Rae commented, “It’s not because I got married to him, but because I got close to him as an artist. I think he’s a musical genius, and I think the same of Bizzy oppa. I’m glad the three of us got together.”

They’re both pretty talented. Wouldn’t you say?


18 March 2013

Tiger JK: “There Was a Strange Kind of Prejudice in France”

Tiger JK recently commented on his interesting experiences while performing at a festival in France! Tiger JK recently appeared at the March 18 broadcast of YTN’s “News 12 – Issue and People.” MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy) performed at the “K-Pop Night Out at MIDEM 2013” on January 27 in France.

Tiger JK stated, “The world music festival was held at the same place as the Cannes International Film Festival. We (MFBTY) were chosen to represent South Korea. Although we were very nervous, it ended well. It was neat because afterwards we became more well-known.”

He continued, “There was a weird kind of discrimination. It was not really racial discrimination but there was a lot of prejudice about Asians. It was hard for us to pursue our activities. Although we went to represent South Korea, they treated Asians as if they were invisible. We had no presence and we had no expectations because of that.”

He continued, “It was our stage and we even took our own press. However, they did not think of us as artists. There was a happening where we could not even get into our own performance. In the end we did get on stage, and it was a historic moment where for the first time as an Asian a lot of people danced and sung together.” 
Tiger JK ended with, “After the performance, we were walking on the street and people recognized us, it felt great. After our performance, a lot of people liked us more.”