23 February 2015

Yoon Mirae Denies Reports of 'Unpretty Rapstar' Appearance

On the February 22 episode of "Unpretty Rapstar," a preview for the next episode aired in which Mnet showed an image of Korean rap legend Yoon Mirae.

The brief appearance has resulted in excitement from fans and viewers, who were under the impression that Yoon Mirae would be appearing on the show. The rumor of her appearance was further fueled by the fact that contestants Jessi and Jimin have made comments on the show talking about how they aspire to be like Yoon Mirae.

However, it seems that Yoon Mirae will not, in fact, be appearing on the show.

Earlier today Yoon Mirae's representatives made a statement saying, "Yoon Mirae is currently raising her child and working on her album. It would be impossible for her to appear on 'Unpretty Rapstar.'"


MFBTY Announces March Comeback with Album Featuring Rap Monster

Hip-hop group MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy) is set to return to the music scene with a new album, which comes a year and six months after “The Cure.”

The album is slated for release in mid-March, and is expected to feature a number of talented artists, including male group BTS‘ Rap Monster.

Just yesterday, fans were excited to see music video director Lumpens post a photo of MFBTY and Rap Monster hanging out in the studio on his Instagram, and the rumors about a possible collaboration have now been confirmed.

A representative of MFBTY revealed to news outlet OSEN, “Rap Monster will feature on the album. I’ve been told that [MFBTY] has kept a keen eye on the talented industry junior. When they met up for the recording session, they were even more surprised at the level of [Rap Monster's] rapping skills. Please look forward to their new music.”

While the group has yet to choose their title track, they are said to be putting final touches on the overall album.