29 September 2011

Tiger JK and Tasha raise awareness for child sex trafficking

Tiger JK and his wife Yoon Mi Rae (also known as Tasha) recently attended ECPAT’s petition event to protect the rights of teens and children.

On September 29th, this prominent celebrity couple arrived in Seoul to bring awareness on the issues of sex trafficking and sexual abuse against young children. Headed by ECPAT and The Body Shop, this global campaign saw a second appearance from Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae, who participated in a ‘Stop Child Sex Trafficking’ event back in August. 

ECPAT is an international group based in Bangkok, working for the “Realization of the rights of all children to live free of child prostitution, child pornography and child trafficking for sexual purposes”. If you wish to support their cause with Tiger JK and Tasha, click here!

Leessang's Gary to make a cameo appearance in Yoon Mirae's comeback MV

Hip-hop artist Gary of the group Leessang released a photo of himself with R&B singer and rapper Yoon Mirae. On September 28th, Gary posted on Twitter, "Cameo appearance at Yoon Mirae's music video. I have smokey eyes. Yoon Mirae's upcoming song is the best!"

Gary uploaded a photo along with his post and it showed him wearing a black suit and awkwardly smiling, while Yoon Mirae can be seen next to him holding a microphone laughing.

Netizens posted, "What is Yoon Mirae's album like? I'm really expecting it," "What's the concept for Gary?" and "You look like you came from the underworld."

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Yoon Mirae, who has been working hard on both her album and as a judge on Superstar K3, among other activities, went to the hospital where she stayed for 4 days due to a fever and overwork. She was finally released on September 22nd. Are you looking forward to her comeback?

Source: Koreaboo

Tiger JK & Yoon Mi Rae congratulate Gaeko on becoming a dad

As reported earlier, Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko and his wife Kim Soomi welcomed their newborn son on September 28th. The couple received an outpour of congratulations from family, friends, and fans alike, one of which being from Korea’s most prolific hip hop couple, Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae (a.k.a. Tasha). 

Tiger JK congratulated Gaeko with the short tweet, “Daddy Gaeko“, while Yoon Mi Rae wrote on her Twitter, “Kaekoe! Congratulations on the birth of your newborn son!” 

Netizens who heard the news responded with, “I wanna see if he looks like his dad“, “He sure knows a lot of people“, “Congratulations” and “His baby will play well with Jordan“. 

Congratulations once again to the happy parents!

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25 September 2011

Superstar K3 grabs top ratings for 7th consecutive week!

On September 23rd, ‘Super Star K3‘ recorded it’s best viewership rating of the season with a mark of 14.7% which is a 0.1% increase from the week before. It’s no surprise that the show has been holding on to the 1st spot in viewer ratings for 7 consecutive weeks. The average rating for the show this season is 12.3%, but this week’s episode seems to have drawn in more viewers as the show announced the top 9 finalists in the competition.

On this week’s broadcast, both uncle and aunt fans were passionately cheering on the contestants as they saw Shin Ji Soo, Two Gaewol, Lee Jeong Ah, Chris, Min Hun Gi, Kim Do Hyun, Christina, Lee Gun Yul, and Oo Lala Session move on to the next round. Unfortunately, Son Yeh Rim, Park Pil Gyu, Choi Yeong Tae, and Kang Jin Ah were eliminated and were forced to leave the competition.

In addition, a new group combined from two teams, Haze and Busker Busker were picked through video reviews by 3 judges to compete in the competition along with the other 9. The next episode for Super Star K3 is scheduled to air on the 30th.

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24 September 2011

Netizens melt over photo of Tiger JK visiting his wife in the hospital

Beloved celebrity couple Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae became a hot topic once again thanks to this sweet photo that was taken at a hospital.

On September 23rd, actor Lee Kwang Soo tweeted, “Ahh, the married life that I dream of“, and shared a photo he took from Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae’s manager.

The picture documents a moment of Tiger JK visiting his wife in her hospital bed. Yoon Mi Rae had checked in for a few days to recuperate from her state of exhaustion. The husband and wife’s devotion to one another could be visibly seen, and it’s drawn the envy of both fans and netizens alike.

They commented, “I’m so jealous of this couple“, “It seems that Tiger JK is quite attentive“, and “King and Queen indeed”.

Yoon Mi Rae was discharged from the hospital on September 22nd.

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[Sept 23] Superstar K3 Ep7

22 September 2011

Yoon Mi Rae gets hospitalized for exhaustion

It’s just been revealed that Yoon Mi Rae was taken to the hospital for exhaustion. 

On September 22nd, a representative for Yoon Mi Rae explained, “Recently, the singer contracted a harsh flu and fever, which forced her to be hospitalized for 4 days. The reason behind her illness is probably due to her busy schedule, as she’s been busy preparing for her new album. She’s also been participating on many TV programs, as well as performing on stage. If everything goes well, she will return home tonight.” 

Yoon Mi Rae certainly has outdone herself in getting the public to become more familiar with her name. The singer has been judging auditions on ‘Superstar K3‘, in addition to working with ‘The Creator’s Project‘, and is also throwing her efforts behind the ‘Bunker Party Event‘. On top of it all, Yoon Mi Rae is preparing for her solo comeback next month. 

Sounds like a very busy lady, but she’s got the support of a loving family behind her. Check out this adorable video made by her son, Jordan, titled ‘Mom please get well!‘.


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17 September 2011

Yoon Mi Rae praises a young contestant on ‘Superstar K3′

One of Korea’s top rappers, Yoon Mi Rae (T) has given ‘Superstar K3’ contestant Son Yeh Rim praise for her rapping skills.

The September 16th episode of Mnet‘s ‘SuperStar K3’ marked the beginning of Super Week, where contestants go against each other in a more competitive environment for a chance at the number one spot. The various contestants performed missions, struggling to avoid elimination.

The show also featured a behind the scenes story about contestant Shin Jin Soo and Son Yeh Rim team.

Son Yeh Rim’s rap performance of SISTAR19’s ‘Ma Boy’ totally blew Yoon Mi Rae away. Yoon Mi Raepraised Son Yeh Rim on her extraordinary rapping skills commenting, “I was so amazed and shocked of Yeh Rim’s rapping talents”, “I might have to hurry and retire because I’m afraid of her.”

Yoon Mi Rae then asked her who her favorite female hip-hop musician was and Yeh Rim responded, “I like rap but not to that extent,” which made Yoon Mi Rae feel a bit awkward.

Source: Allkpop, Naver

[Sept 16] Superstar K3 Ep6

12 September 2011

Tasha and Tiger JK are preparing for their comebacks!

The ‘King and Queen’ of Korea’s hip-hop scene, Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae (a.k.a. Tasha), are finally getting ready for their comebacks!
They both gave up their Chuseok holiday in order to prepare their new work. Tasha is currently working on producing for her husband’s work, while also preparing for her own comeback after four years of downtime.
On September 12th, an acquaintance of Tiger JK stated, “Even though it’s a holiday weekend, the couple is working non-stop on their album.” They added, “Even though she lost a lot of time being a judge of Mnet‘s ‘Superstar K3‘, she is now focusing solely on her album work“.
Tasha was actually planning on making her comeback in the fall, but  dates are tentative. Her album will be comprised of R&B and hip-hop songs.

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11 September 2011

Huge fly annoys Super Star K 3 judges

On September 9th, the 5th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Super Star K 3‘ aired and displayed a hilarious battle between a gigantic fly and the Super Star K 3 judges.
While examining the performances of the contestants, judge Yoon Mi Rae‘s expression bitterly changed.  It was all due to a fly that was annoying the life out of the judges by swinging in the air left and right non-stop.
Judge Lee Seung Chul tried to scare the insect away by striking the air with folded papers.  Despite his efforts, the fly refused to move away from the area.  Judge, Yoon Jong Shin could not tolerate the situation anymore and told Lee Seung Chul, “Hyung, let’s kill it.”  Yoon Jong Shin took a serious posture and successfully terminated the agitating fly.
After rejoicing with one another, the judges came back to their seats and continued the competition with a serious look on their faces.
Their actions made everyone on the set burst into laughter, but unfortunately the scene was edited out.
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10 September 2011

[Sept 9] Superstar K3 Ep5

Watch the 5th episode HERE!

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Super Star K3 vs Birth of a Star2, who will win?

The two biggest survival audition programs in Korea, ‘Super Star K3‘ and ‘Birth of a Star2‘ will be battling each other out for viewership… and only one will come out on top.
On September 9th, MBC‘s star audition, ‘Birth of a Star2′ made it’s first appearance on television and challenged Mnet‘s ‘Super Star K3′ for a fierce showdown.
‘Super Star K3′ which can be considered the most popular audition show in Korea has enjoyed stable ratings and interest from the public.
Unlike the first season, ‘Birth of a Star2′ has chosen to air their show in the same time slot as ‘Super Star K3′.  This can be taken as a direct challenge to the top competitor.
According to tv research company, ‘TNms Media‘, ‘Birth of a Star2′ received an impressive 11.6% in viewer ratings while their counterpart, ‘Super Star K3′ measured 9.952%.
Considering how viewer ratings for tv programs fluctuate, we can’t decide on a clear winner just yet from the 1st round.  The intense battle between these two giant programs heads up is garnering a lot of attention from the public.
Meanwhile in ‘Super Star K3′, Son Ye Rim passed to the next round, but is facing the crisis of elimination.  On the other hand, singer, Huh Gak‘s little sister, Shin Ji Soo has been alarming spectators with her selfish behaviors.  Furthermore, contestant, Shin Hye Rim has been dominating the competition at ‘Birth of a Star2′ with her impressive vocal skills.
So which program do you think will come out on top in the end?
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08 September 2011

Tiger JK shows love for his wife

On the 8th, rapper Tiger JK (Seo Jung Kwon) tweeted, “She’s so pretty. I’m talking about this girl who is sitting next to me.” 

Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae have been known for their happily married life. Once again, he has shown his love for her in public. 

Netizens comment: “I envy this couple.” “This couple makes me want to get married.” “I may find this kind on the movies.” 

 Source:, TV Report

Gucci 2011-12 F/W Collection fashion show

On September 8th, a bevy of A-list stars lined up at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Kwangjang-dong, Seoul to walk across the Vista Hall photo wall for the ‘GUCCI 2011-12 F/W‘ collection show.
Attending stars included Shin Se Kyung, f(x)‘s Victoria and SulliYoon Mirae, Kim Hee Ae, Go Jun Hee, Han Chae Young, Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Jin Wook, Park Tae Hwan, and Go Soo.
Although most stars came dressed in stylish all-black outfits, some like Han Chae Young and Yoon Mirae chose to stand out with bright colors like red and orange.
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Get It In sneak preview

Source: TheCreatorsProject

Tiger JK & T chosen as Korea’s representative for The Creator’s Project

Tiger JK & Yoon Mi Rae (T) have proven their force as a global hip-hop couple as they have been selected as Korea’s representative musicians for “The Studio”.
On September 7th, Tiger JK & T attended the press release in Seoul for Intel and Vice’s global arts and technology initiative, “The Creator’s Project”. At the press release, it was announced that Tiger JK & T would be the Korean representative musicians for the program.
“The Creator’s Project” is a revolutionary global art program created by Intel and Vice with a goal to support artists that aim to overcome the wall of creative expression through the use of technology; with this said, “The Studio” is a new multimillion dollar project from “The Creator’s Project”. “The Studio” is a project to support artists in their work process using digital technology. “The Studio” supports artists from various fields that test the heights of creativity by promoting, funding, and directing them, as well as providing opportunities for collaborative work with other artists.
Through this project, Tiger JK & T are set to collaborate with visual artist, Lumpens, to create new innovative styles of concerts, music videos, and many other various fields. The expectations for their collaborative project is peaking as their official music video’s 30-second teaser has already received instant applause from the CEO.
Tiger JK & T stated, “It’s a great honor to be part of such an enormous project. The process in creating this music video was unlike any other process–it was a revolutionary and fresh approach. We can say that this may the top project we’ve been a part of and the final product will exceed expectations”, sharing their sentiments.
In related news, Tiger JK and T’s performances and the music video, and other various programs will be showcased in Seoul at “The Creator’s Project” until September 10th.
Find out more at “The Creator’s Project” website!
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The Creators Project (Photos)

Sept 7, 2011

06 September 2011

[Running Man Spoilers] Tiger JK: "I Thought Love Was Everlasting"

Renowned rap star Tiger JK and his equally talented wife Yoon Mi Rae have received attention with their bickering on SBS’s “Happy Sundays- Running Man,” which aired on September 4. With the theme of hip-hop, this week’s episode brought in famous rappers and artists such as Dynamic Duo, Simon-D of Supreme Team, and of course Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae. 

From the start of the episode, the hip-hop couple began arguing, sparked due to Yoon Mi Rae’s disliking of the attire that Tiger JK chose to wear during the broadcast. Although it was another hot summer day with a lot of humidity, Tiger JK decided to wear a black suit during the broadcast, instantly making his wife angry. Explaining why she was in such a bad mood, she said “I only wore this because you (Tiger JK) told me to.” Furthermore, the uneasiness between the two continued when Yoon Mi Rae commented on another action made by Tiger JK, revealing that “He secretly called our manager and requested that we be on separate teams”, leading audiences and Yoon Mi Rae to ponder on what Tiger JK’s true intentions were. 

Sitting in the back seat of a car, the rapper couple ceased to stop with their heated argument, even with Lee Kwang Soo in the passenger’s seat and Yoo Jae Suk driving. Upon hearing his wife’s comments, Tiger JK sighed and said that “I thought love was going to last forever.” Yoon Mi Rae, however, was not done and responded with an equally sharp retort: “Nothing in this world lasts forever.” While all the quarrelling was going on, Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jeh Suk had looks of utter awkwardness and confusion on their faces, both staring into each other’s eyes and asking the same question: “What’s going on?” After a few minutes and with complete silence in the car, Gwang Soo chose to break the awkward mood by asking “So… Shall I sing for you guys?” resulting in a burst of laughter from both Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae.

Source: soompi

Adidas CF + Photo

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05 September 2011

말없이 울더라도 lyrics (Hangul+Romanization+Translation)

못된사랑 OST (Bad Love OST)

가슴에 그댈 덜어내며
참기 힘든 고통 속에도
신음 한번 못 지른 여자에요
쉽게 나를 잊어가라고..
미안함 갖지 말라고..
사랑한단 말 억누룬 나에요

행복하라고 그대 위해 버리는..
내 마음 헛되게 말아요..

나 말 없이 가더라도
내 아픔 보더라도
그댄 못 본 척 지나요
그 맘 흔들리지 말아요..
못난 여자에 눈물이..그댈 막아도
한걸음씩 두 걸음씩
그렇게..멀리가 줘요..

숨어서 그대 바라보며
치일듯한 그리움에도
인사 한 번 못 하는 여자에요
좋은 사랑하며 살라고..
다신 날 기억 말라고..
시린 맘 다시 옭아맨 나에요..

웃고 살라고 그댈 위해 버리는
내 마음 헛되게 말아요..

나 말 없이 울더라도
내 아픔 보더라도
그댄 못 본 척 지나요
그 맘 흔들리지 말아요..
못난 여자에 눈물이..그댈 막아도
한걸음씩 두 걸음씩
그렇게..멀리 가줘요..

가슴 속 저 가슴 끝에..
기억 속 저 기억 끝에
그대를 보내며 울음을 삼키며..
눈물 빛에 물든
사랑 노을이 지네요

나 언젠간 말할게요
내 맘 다 전할게요
그대 안에 내 모습이
세월에 무뎌질 그 때쯤
못난 여자에 사랑이 그대 그리워
한걸음씩 두 걸음씩
그렇게 따라왔다고
그리운 그대 찾아 왔다고

04 September 2011

[Running Man Spoilers] Yoo Jae Suk shows off his rapping skills

SBS ‘Running Man’ host Yoo Jae Suk receives a rousing ovation from the crowd with this rapping skills.
On ‘Running Man’ aired on the 4th, they showed a hip hop musician special episode with guests Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Dynamic Duo, and Ssamdi.
Yoo Jae Suk along with Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, and Lee Kwang Soo became a team and they arrived at Maronie park to complete a road mission. The mission required them to read a long and difficult to pronounce sentences in turns, without making a single mistake.
The rappers passed the missions flawlessly as if to be naturally rapping.
However, it was Yoo Jae Suk’s performance which stood out among all ‘Running Man’ members, as he passed the mission in flying colors without a single mistake. There was quite a large crowd gathered by then and he received a rousing ovation from the people.
Source: kpopfever

[Running Man Spoilers] Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae's Kiss is "Best Ending in Running Man History"

During the SBS variety “Good Sunday – Running Man” episode that aired on September 4, all members were divided into teams according to their T-shirt color and their mission was to remove the name tag of the opposing teams.

However, Tiger JK, Haha and Song Ji Hyo became "spies," and their secret mission was to remove the name tags of everyone else. Only the "spies" knew that the actual mission of removing name tags was solely between the "spies" and "non-spies."

In the end, the last "non-spy" left with her name tag intact was Yoon Mi Rae, whom Tiger JK, her husband, could not bear to eliminate during the mission. After revealing his "spy" identity to her, he suggested, “Let’s just hug and remove our name tags together.”

Yoon Mi Rae hesitated for a while before finally accepting Tiger JK’s suggestion, giving him a hug as they removed each other’s name tags. Their following kiss became the sweetest ending of participants in the history of Running Man. Fellow "spies" Haha and Song Ji Hyo could not hide their envious expressions as they looked on. Other celebrities who appeared in the episode include Supreme Team’s Simon D and Dynamic Duo.

Source: soompi