31 March 2011

Welcome to the Jungle ep 1-4 (정글로가다)

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Episode 2 (Raw)

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Episode 3 (Raw)

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Episode 4 (Subbed)

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30 March 2011

Mnet Wide

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TigerJK & T Vogue Interview

If there are a couple of elements that can move Drunken Tiger and T a.k.a Yoon Mi Rae together, it is music and good deeds.
Recently been appointed as ambassadors for Prevention against Child Abuse Campaign- ‘STOP&LOVE, Tiger JK and T along with their super baby Jodan went on a picnic on Vogue’s photo shoot studio and kindly did a interview with them.

When celebrities take part in interviews, some are very outlandish and flamboyant whilst others are honest and open. But when the interviewees are Tiger JK and T, it is a different story. Their heart is like 24 Carat gold, without a speck of artificial bravado or carefully constructed answers. This is their true character, something that can’t be fully understood in a short period of time but it is fair to say that their character is very true indeed.

This is not the first time Tiger JK and T have put themselves forward to help those in need in whatever way they can but this time, they are approaching it with a different, more in depth connectivity with the campaign.
As proud parents of Jodan (who is now 4 years old), they support this campaign hoping that their inclusion will make a difference.

Tiger JK: We are not trying to be Superman and Wonder Woman by being ambassadors; rather, we wanted to contribute our efforts to remind people out there that this problem is very serious and it is happening right around us everyday. The campaign's motto is 'STOP & LOVE', that is ‘Stop Child Abuse, Love Children’.
Because we are entertainers, we can help in ways such as organizing a concert with The Body Shop (Major sponsors for this campaign) spreading awareness of this campaign or we can create a song dedicated to this campaign.

One thing the interviewer found interesting about Tiger JK was that whenever the question was in relation to a serious topic, he chose his words carefully. As an example, he insisted that he is not a super celebrity and that when he reached out to the public asking for their help for a good cause, because of his ‘lack’ of popularity he wasn’t able to gather enough attention to help the cause properly.
But when we started to talk in more depth, he started to voice his opinions.

Tiger JK: It is not easy as you may think to criminally serve justice to child abusers and to those who commit crimes to children and to anyone else for that matter. There are other very important matters in this world and the nation’s budget has to reach many destinations.
It’s a bit sensitive issue, but people tend to overlook child abuse at times. They know in their heads that it is morally wrong but they tend to think that it is ‘that family’s problem’ or ‘not my problem so I shouldn’t intervene’. And when the accused are dealt by law, the punishment is questionably light at times.

T, who was avidly listening in on the conversation muttered something under her breath ‘I think it’s due to the differences in generations…’
We saw Tiger JK translating some of the complex Korean terminologies to English for T.

Tiger JK: They say it has become much better recently, but teachers in our schools used physical punishments for little wrongdoings all the time, when we were young, we thought that corporal punishment was of the norm. They think something is not right, but when these events occur time and time again, they become numb of the actions and don’t think too much of it and get used to it and that’s what the problem is. That a child gets used to those kinds of punishments and wrongdoings dealt to them.

Therefore, what T meant by ‘generation changes’ was referring to the older generation’s behaviour patterns that are making sensitive issues dull by not recognizing it as a serious issue. And this is when violence is prone to occur. When sensitive issues are not met with proper care and acknowledgement and protocol, negativity can arise.
Tiger JK and T felt that to assume a child’s welfare when one does not know what is really going around them is unacceptable.

T: Kids cant defend for themselves. If it goes to the courts, it is merely a battle between the lawyers. Crimes against children happens everywhere on Earth. The only difference is that in some countries, the sentences are very strict and it sends a strong message to the community that whoever commits a crime against children will not go unpunished. A child may not think big of it at that particular moment, but what if that particular incident becomes a traumatic flashback for them?

The focus naturally flowed onto Tiger JK’s and T’s personal viewpoints on raising kids.

Tiger JK: I think it is important for the parents to step up and teach kids on how to voice their opinions, especially when they are growing to reach adulthood. Moral righteousness is not something that the society or the country provides, but by their loving parents. I’m going to let Jodan listen to a lot of music and when he grows up, maybe I will be able to play him some music that has some mild profanities on it without impacting him negatively.

Tiger JK and T were both raised under fabulous parents. For Tiger JK, he has his dad whom JK wants to follow his wisdom and his ways, and for T, she has her mum whom she says can proudly call her ‘best friend’.

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23 March 2011

VOGUE photoshoot


Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae show great chemistry for ‘The Body Shop’

Tiger JK and his wife, Yoon Mi Rae, impressed the staff on set from their CF shoot for The Body Shop, thanks to their perfect chemistry.

They’re one of those couples who are naturally happy both on the outside and in. For their endorsement, the two posed naturally in plain white towels as they interacted affectionately.

They had no problem acting comfortably as a couple on set, and it were as if they were shooting from their home. A representative of the brand said, “This CF filming showed the couple’s daily and casual life.”

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Tiger JK & Yoon Mirae speak out against child abuse for Vogue Korea’s “STOP&LOVE” campaign

The loving family of Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and their son, Jordan, recently took part in Vogue Korea’s “STOP & LOVE” campaign against child abuse.

As honorary ambassadors for child abuse prevention, the family donned the representatives color of the campaign, yellow, to express the happiness and importance of family love and care.

Staff members were said to have been especially amused with the way Jordan ran this way and that, following the music every chance he got.

In the accompanying interview, Tiger JK stated, “Even though people acknowledge that child abuse is wrong, they consider it the problems of another family and fail to intervene. Even when the law gets involved, oftentimes, the offender gets off with a light sentence.”

Yoon Mirae added, “We want to show a positive energy for our child. As a mother, I’ve come to learn and develop both forgiveness and patience.”

Their full photoshoot can be seen through the April issue of “Vogue.”

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13 March 2011

Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae talk about their love for their son

Jordan, son of Korean hip-hop’s hottest couple, is lucky to have such loving parents!

Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae have been taking a interest in preventing child abuse. Recently, the two “guardian angels” sat down for an interview with KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Tonight“, during the midst of their photoshoot.

Tiger JK said, “I never once physically punished Jordan.” He added, with pride, “My father also never laid hands on me.”

Meanwhile, the two also commented about their marriage, in which Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae said, “We’ll be playing this game of tug-and-war until we’re 70“.

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Tiger JK & Tasha Eng interview with The Creators Project

During their visit to New York, Tasha and JK sat down with the Creator Projects to discuss how they got into music and how technology has changed their careers. Watch the interview on The Creator’s Project website.

About The Creator’s Project: The Creator’s Project network was created in an effort to promote different creative artists, culture, and technology. Modern technology has brought the world market closer together, and The Creator’s Project works to bring different artists closer to their international audience.

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