30 July 2011

‘Superstar K3′ Reveals Their Official Poster

Mnet’s ‘Superstar K3‘ has revealed their official poster featuring Lee Seung Chul, Yoon Jong Shin, and Yoon Mi Rae.

According to an Mnet representative,
“We made Lee Seung Chul, Yoon Jong Shin, and Yoon Mi Rae as the focus of the poster because it’s the first time we are revealing them together after the main judges of ‘Superstar K3′ were finalized. Not only will these posters be used to publicize the first broadcast, but they will also be used in a variety of events and promotions as well.“
At the same time, a behind-the-scenes video from the set of the postershoot was revealed through the official ‘Superstar K3′ cafe.

‘Superstar K3′ began accepting applications in March and has held auditions in eight cities in Korea and in five cities in America, China, and Japan over the last 4 months.

The first broadcast will air on August 12th through Mnet.


23 July 2011

Drunken Tiger - Doo Doo Doo Wop Ba Ba Lu MV (with Tasha & Bizzy)

Tiger JK’s MV for “Doo Doo Doo Wop Ba Ba Lu” to be released with Yoon Mi Rae making a cameo appearance

On July 23rd, Drunken Tiger (Tiger JK) is to release the full version of his highly anticipated new music, “Doo Doo Doo Wop Ba Ba Lu” from his 8th album, “Feel gHood Muzik: The 8th Wonder“. Along with this, the song’s remix version, “Doo Doo Ru Wa Ba Ru” will be played on cable channel OnStyle, “Challenge, Supermodel Korea2“. The recently released teaser for the music video, which showed never before seen sensual radical and images of Tiger JK has garnered much interest and curiosity.

Drunken Tiger once again worked with director Jo Poong Yun, also known as the maestro of CF world in the making of “Doo Doo Doo Wa Ba Ba Lu”. Director Jo Poong Yun has produced Drunken Tiger’s music videos for both “Monster“, “Isolated Ones, Left Foot Forward” and is most familiar with Drunken Tiger’s charms; he has brought all of Drunken Tiger’s best qualities to the surface and put them together for the “Doo Doo Wa Ba Ba Lu” music video.

Another interesting aspect of the music video is that his wife, Yoon Mi Rae (Tasha) will be starring as a cameo. The last time Yoon Mi Rae had been a cameo in Drunken Tiger’s music video was 7 years ago for the song, “Convenient Store“. Now the dynamic hip hop couple is acting together once again showcasing their hidden talent in acting and acknowledging their majestic stance in the hip hop community. Rumor says that Tiger JK’s acting skills and powerful performance kept the staff and the director in constant awe.

In addition to the releasing of the music video, the remix version of the song called, “Doo Doo Ru Wa Ba Ru”, is being released on the 27th as well. “Doo Doo Ru Wa Ba Ru” is an English version altering the original fun ambiance to a more club-like, contemporary version. The original Korean version of the song features Yoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy while the remix version features Roscoe Umali, Styliztik Jones, and Yoon Mi Rae.

Meanwhile, you can watch Tiger JK’s blunt, and yet comical personality as a judge for the panel and his new music video on cable channel OnStyle, “Challenge, Supermodel Korea2″.

Source: allkpop

20 July 2011


Super Star K Season 3 begins in 23 days! To tease the crowd, Yoon Mirae or T’s pictures with the letters D-23 has been released. Yoo Mirae joins Yoon Jong Shin and Lee Seung Chul as a judge this season.

Source: Moey's Kpop

19 July 2011

Yoon Mi Rae signs on to be a judge for “Superstar K3″

Singer/rapper Yoon Mi Rae has been appointed be the female judge of Mnet’s upcoming “Superstar K3″ series.

Succeeding Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung Hwa of seasons one and two respectively, Yoon Mi Rae will begin her role as a fixed judge alongside Lee Seung Chul and Yoon Jong Shin in August during the fourth preliminary rounds.

Mnet stated, “The concept of “Superstar K3″ is still what we announced at the beginning of the year – ‘diversity’. With that being said, we focused heavily on choosing a musician who would harmonize well with the other judges and evaluate the contestants on a diverse level.”

“Yoon Mi Rae is a musician who works in a distinctly different genre, compared to Lee Seung Chul and Yoon Jong Shin. She’s acknowledged for her vocal talents, but we also feel that her stage ownership and ability to perform are both unique and one of the best. The previous judging panels from seasons one and two gave confidence to the producers with their accurate and meticulous judging. As a musician who is both a mother of a child and the wife of a top star, we invited her to become a judge, as we believe she is an artist who has the capability to bring together all audition participants.”

Yoon Mi Rae’s agency expressed, “Yoon Mi Rae underwent a poster photoshoot with Lee Seung Chul and Yoon Jong Shin on the 18th. She did a lot of worrying, but she said she had made up her decision after traveling to China and America for the preliminary rounds. Most importantly, she said she has confidence in Lee Seung Chul and Yoon Jong Shin, as they’ve been doing so well thus far.”

“Rather than looking out for special techniques like the other two judges, Yoon Mi Rae will be judging according to the contestant’s passion, sentiments, and their ability to bring out their own unique colors.”

The first broadcast of “Superstar K3″ will take place on August 12th.

S: Allkpop, Newsen via Nate

17 July 2011

Ameriie Talks About Collaborating with Tiger JK and Tasha

A newly married Ameriie is already back at the studio working on her new album Cymatika Vol.1 which, according to Billboard’s The Juice, is about 80% complete. The singer says she will be experimenting with androgyny, and that her new album will be a mix of “trance and electronica.” Furthermore, instead of simply focusing on relationships as a subject matter, Ameriie wanted to go deeper for this album and explore what really makes us tick and what makes us human.

In the interview with The Juice, Amerie talked about some of the exciting collaborations on her album:

I did a Korean version of “Outside Your Body” with Drunken Tiger‘s (Korean/American hip-hop group) member, [Tiger] JK and his wife (Tasha Reid). Those are my collaborations. JK is like the Korean Jay-Z. She’s (Tasha) also a rapper. They’re both amazing. I’m doing a record or two for Tasha’s upcoming album. I haven’t done it yet, and she’s probably going to kill me because I’ve been running around doing so much.

Source: Koreabridge

Yoon Mi Rae reveals her superhero family

The fierce but married Yoon Mi Rae (Tasha) gave fans delight by revealing an adorable photo of her family.

The photo was uploaded on her personal twitter today, along with a message that stated, “My Super Heroes!!” It features her husband Tiger JK and son, the lovely Jordan (who has definitely gotten bigger) sharing some father-son time, with the two sporting adorable Iron-Man and Spider-Man masks.

Netizens were left in jealousy by seeing such a warm family and left comments such as, “It’s a really cheerful family.”, “What cute superheroes!”, “Just looking at it makes me happy.”, and ,“It’s good to see such peacefulness.”

Source: Newsen, Allkpop, Yoonmirae

15 July 2011

Baek Jiyoung, BoA, and Yoon Mirae compete for the last "Superstar K3" judging spot

Mnet's popular talent show series "Superstar" is in its third running season this year and has enlisted the help of Lee Seung Chul and Yoon Jongshin as their judges for this season. "Superstar K3" is set to air next month and the show is still looking for its third judge.

It has been reported that the producers of "Superstar K3" has narrowed down the 3rd judge to three well-known female Korean artists: BoA, Baek Jiyoung, and Yoon Mirae (also known as T or Tasha). The third judge has always been a talented female judge who is known for their vocal and dancing abilities as seen in "Superstar K1" with Lee Hyori and "Superstar K2" with Uhm Junghwa. In general, these judges have mostly focused on the contestants vocal style and performance.

It has been said that BoA is a strong candidate as the third judge due to her vocal and dancing prowess, as well as being the 1st generation of Kpop idols to break successfully overseas. However, the three big companies, JYP, SM, and YG Entertainment have announced their own global audition scheduled to air later in the year and there are possibilities that she will join that show instead due to her responsibilities to SM Entertainment.

Yoon Mirae is especially known for her rapping skills in addition to vocal and dancing skills. She previously made appearances on the first two seasons of "Superstar K." She has become a strong candidate as the third judge due to "Superstar K" global aspect.

Baek Jiyoung is known for her exceptional vocal skills brought on by her husky voice and she has had various experience with dance as she released various hit dance songs in the past. Her sense of humor seen on other variety shows she has been taking part in would add entertainment to "Superstar K."

"Superstar K3" is set to air its first episode on August 12th, in which the winner will be awarded the grand prize of approximately $470,000USD and $190,000USD for recording costs.

Which of the three artists above would you like to see as "Superstar K3" third judge?

Source: Sports Korea, koreaboo

14 July 2011

Artist Lineup for Green Groove Festival 2011

The lineup for this year's Green Groove Festival 2011 has been announced on the music fest's official website on Wednesday. Local artists that will be performing at the concert includes Jay Park, Sniper Sound, House Rulez, Telepathy, Tiger JK & T (Tasha, Yoon Mirae), No Brain, Astro Voize, and UV.

Other international artists that will join Korea's local artists include Busta Rhymes, Black Eyed Peas, DJ Rimini, Black Eyed Peas', Afrojack, Daishi Dance, and DJ DATA.

The music fest will begin on August 13th and will last for 2-days at Daecheon Beach in the South Chungcheong Province of South Korea. 

Source: koreaboo

09 July 2011

[Twitter] Tasha & Roscoe Umali

@RoscoeUmali - "@Yoonmirae and I poppin Bottles!!!!!!!!"

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02 July 2011

[misc] Tumblr

Found a tumblr that uploads Tasha's pictures/gifs/videos etc. You can check it out here!