29 December 2011

SBS Gayo Daejun HipHop Special Stage

Tasha, Dynamic Duo, Gary (Leessang), Mir (Mblaq), Taecyeon (2pm), Junhyung (B2ST), Hoya (Infinite)

Tasha to perform "Turned Off the TV..." with LeeSsang

"Tasha to perform "Turned Off the TV..." with LeeSsang on Leessang encore concerts.. || concert dates: Dec.30 8PM & Dec. 31 7PM"

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24 December 2011

Tiger JK & Yoon Mirae, “Win Win” Surprise Appearance

South Korea’s hip-hop couple Tiger JK and Yoonmirae will be making an appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Win Win” New Years special. In this episode, Tiger JK and Yoonmirae will be revealing their previously untold life story, from the beginning of their relationship to their marriage, and their previous and current life in the hip-hop music scene.

The New Years special episode will be airing on January 3, 2012.

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12 December 2011

Tiger JK & Tasha Invited to Quincy Jones’ Home

Korea’s top hip-hop couple Tiger JK and Tasha got a special house invitation from Quincy Jones, the world-famous musician and producer. 

On December 11th, Jungle Entertainment(Tiger JK and Tasha’s agency) announced on its official Twitter page, “After receiving a personal invite from Quincy Jones himself, Tiger JK and Tasha got to visit Quincy Jone’s house! Please look forward to where the couple will go next.” With this message, a playful picture (above) of Tiger JK and Quincy Jones was posted as well. 

Quincy Jones is a living legend in the American music industry. Recognized as the producer of late Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,‘ Quincy Jones received a record of 79 Grammy Award nominations and 27 Grammys during his five-decade career in the entertainment industry. Now that the Tiger JK-Tasha couple has had the opportunity to build a personal relationship with this legendary producer, everyone is anticipating the couple’s upcoming international activities.

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08 December 2011

Leessang, Tiger JK, & Yoon Mi Rae: Concert in LA, USA huge success

‘Hip Hop Family’ Jungle Entertainment successfully finished their concert overseas.

On December 3rd, ‘M-Live by CJ Jungle Concert’ took place at the Wiltern Theater in L.A, USA. The concert is a first for a Hip Hop label. Local media including LA Times reported on the concert and the artists in detail showing interest.

Artists like Leessang, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Jung In, and Bizzy showed off the power of Korean Hip Hop to the 3,000 or so audience members at the concert.

For Leessang’s stage, the audience called for an encore 3 times. Gil could not hide his excitement and said, “Just arrived in L.A. just before the concert so I am out of it but let’s just play all night till we die!.” The fans were screaming passionately wearing T-shirts that read, ‘I want you Kang Gary‘.

Tiger JK, BIZZY, and Yoon Mi Rae showed off their ‘Korean Jay-Z and Beyonce-like’ performance. As they were rapping, not only the audience on the first floor but the audience on the second floor gave a standing ovation enjoying the performance on their feet. Park Jae Bum and Styliztik Jones, who are close friends of Tiger JK also visited the concert.

The staff was also excited. One of the local staff said, “The smooth melody in the strong beat and the rhyme innately Korean is really impressive.”

Tiger JK revealed, “I wanted to perform at the Wiltern Theater since I was young so I am very emotional. I promise to come back to L.A again.”

CJ E & M Concert Department which planned the concert relayed, “L.A. market where CJ Infra is located in and 2nd generation Koreans are will be a very important base for the move into the American market. With continuous performance and active support, we will lead in the globalization and expansion of K-Pop Genre.”

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06 December 2011

Tiger JK And Yoon Mi Rae Make ‘LA Times’ Headlines

Popular singing couple, Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae, was recently in the ‘LA Times’ headlines. 

On December 2 (Local Time), LA Times reported on the life of Tiger JK; from his birth to his background in music, to his many activities in Korea. The title of the article was, “Tiger JK, big in South Korea, heads to L.A. and aims to turn a U.S. audience on to his brand of rap.” 

In the article, Tiger JK talks about his childhood, and growing up in LA. He talks about trying to resolve the cultural difference between him, the whites and the blacks through hip hop music. It also reported on his wife, Yoon and his family. 

They called the couple the “Korean Jay-Z and Beyonce.” Tiger JK said, “I want to win a Grammy and say thank you in Korean.” 

The outlet also interviewed Ahn Seok Joon, executive director of CJ E & M, which directed the ‘M-Live by CJ Jungle Concert in LA.’ It said that Asian American rap, including Far East Movement and Black Eyed Peas, is a current trend. It also predicted that through the concert, Korean hip hop will spread through the U.S. starting in L.A. 

CJ E & M says, “We’ve been holding concerts overseas for five years and it has helped us cooperate with foreign companies. We saw the success potential of Korean hip hop. We will support everything we can to make that potential come true.

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03 December 2011

Jungle Concert in LA (fancams)

Dec 2, 2011

I Want You

True Romance

Let's Dance


Get It In


Black Happiness

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01 December 2011

Who Wore It Better: Seo Woo vs. Kim Won Hee vs. Yoon Mi Rae

It is evident that clothes are getting longer in length, from outers to skirts to outfits. A long, slim skirt is gaining interest after Seo Woo, Kim Won Hee, and Yoon Mi Rae showed off their different charms through the same “Nine Six” dress. 

Seo Woo is currently starring in the SBS drama “When Tomorrow Comes” as a wealthy daughter. She wears gorgeous bright colored outfits and portrays a cheerful and exuberant charm. The actress styled her hair in a natural half tie and finished the cape dress with a lovely yet cute look. 

Kim Won Hee is progressing as an honest and comfortable MC on KBS “Star Couple Show Honey.” She wore the cape dress with a neutral colored hair accessory—portraying an elegant and feminine feel. 

Yoon Mi Rae showed her curvaceous bodyline with the wine colored sleeveless dress on the final stage on Mnet “Superstar K3.” She finished the overall outfit by accessorizing with a simple necklace and bracelet to display her sexy charm. 

Kim Won Hee and Seo Woo’s cape dress displays a lovely and elegant mood while Yoon Mi Rae’s sleeveless dress can give a sexy and refined style. 

So what do you think? Who do you think wore it better? Let us know!

Source: soompi