29 February 2012

Yoon Mirae to perform at Buga Kingz upcoming concert

Rapper Yoon Mi Rae will be performing at the 10th anniversary concert of the Buga Kingz!

Yoon Mi Rae, also known as Tasha, will participate at the ‘2012 Buga Kingz′ White Day Hip-Hop Concert - Buga Land’ which will be held at Samsung Hall at Ewha Womans University on March 10.

Buga Kingz′ frontman, Bobby Kim said, "It means a lot that so many hip hop musicians will be on one stage for Buga Kingz’ 10th year annivesary concert. I want to give thanks to my colleagues who accepted despite their busy schedules. It’ll be an amazing performance."

Buga Kingz debuted in 2001. The upcoming hip-hop concert will commemorate the group's 10 year anniversary. This will be their first concert for four years since their last concert held on July 2008.

28 February 2012

Jungle Family for Concepts1One

"Yoonmirae" lyrics


01. Black Diamond Hangul / Romanization
02. What's Up! Mr. Good Stuff Hangul / Romanization
03. 잊었니... Hangul / Romanization
04. Honeymoon Hangul / Romanization
05. Gimme Gimme!!! 이기주의자 Hangul / Romanization
06. Pay Day Hangul / Romanization
07. 시간은 눈물과 흐르고 Hangul / Romanization
08. 나니까 Hangul / Romanization
09. 검은 행복 Hangul / Romanization
10. Who Hangul / Romanization
11. Good Bye Sadness, Hello Happiness Hangul / Romanization


25 February 2012

Tiger JK talks about his marriage on ‘Sketchbook’

Tiger JK caused the ‘Sketchbook‘ audience to roar in laughter after making an unexpected confession about his marriage.

Hip hop artist Tiger JK and singer Brian Joo guest-featured on the February 24th episode of KBS‘ ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘ and discussed dating and marriage.

Brian began by saying, “After being deeply hurt by a former girlfriend, I wondered what it would be like to live alone, and spent the last five years alone. This is comfortable for me.”

MC Yoo Heel Yeol then remarked, “You keep at that, and later you’ll start talking to your plants,” causing the audience to begin laughing. Tiger JK went a step further and added, “I have conversations with the wall. Make sure you date a lot, and marry late.”

When Brian asked Tiger JK about the upsides to marriage, Tiger responded, “Your thoughts begin to change, and you begin to broaden your perspective. You also begin to think a lot more.”

“Once you have a kid, that’s the end. It’s really hard. I love my wife and my child, but it’s really hard,” he continued.

When Brian began having negative thoughts about marriage, Tiger JK attempted to change Brian’s mind.

“No, but when you come home after a long day to your wife that’s snoring away…“, he said without finishing his sentence. His attempt to change Brian’s mind was highly unsuccessful, causing the audience to continue roaring in laughter.

19 February 2012

Oprah replies to Tiger JK on Twitter

As a popular talk show host, entrepreneur, producer, and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey is not only one of the richest, but also one of the most powerful celebrities in the world. She takes on all her tasks with a positive mentality, and has drawn a huge fan base from housewives to A-list celebrities.

Recently, Tiger JK professed that he became a fan of Oprah Winfrey’s. On February 19th, he tweeted Oprah with the message, “When can I meet you? My wifey, Yoon Mi Rae, had me watch all your shows — it made a grown man cry. God bless.”

Oprah thanked Tiger JK for the support and replied,“Nice wifey”.

Ecstatic that he got a response, Tiger JK tweeted, “OMG ! My wifey going to love me forever ! Thank you Oprah! I love you *in tears*”

He continued, “I just got re-tweeted by the one and only @Oprah ! Just woke up Tasha and showed her tweet she loving me lol“

Tiger JK’s wife, Yoon Mi Rae (a.k.a Tasha) also wrote, “No way..This is a joke right? This can’t be real.!!! Daebak!!! What am I going to do!! ^^”.


06 February 2012

Jay Park feat. Tasha&TigerJK - Clap

Jay Park feat. Tasha&TigerJK - Clap lyrics (hangul+translation)

재범) 다리는 짧지만 실력이 길쭉한 놈
나 같이 못해서 남들이 질투한 놈 인간이라서
가끔씩 실수한 놈 2년 만에 컴백해서
바로 1등한 놈 모두다 날 떠나고
아무도 내 옆에 있지 않았을 때
기댈 수 있는 곳 없이 쓰러지지 않았어
이제 나는 여기 비행기는 안탔지만
난 새들과 같은 높이 사람들의 시선이
영하 8도처럼 차가워도 난 잘살아가
내 영화 같은 삶 날 부러워해
그래서 적이 많아 난 죽었다 살아나
난 다시 빛을 바라봐 날 잊을 때 즈음해서 난 귀신처럼 나타나
무슨 공연을 하든 내 콘서트로 만들어놔
살고 있는 전설 역사에 남아 난

*first of my kind you can adress me by you majesty
you can`t do what i does so just clap for me
배울 수 없어 누가 가르쳐줘도
마이크 잡을 때 앉아서 박수나 쳐줘

Tiger JK) 대박은 못 쳐도 중박은 길쭉한 놈
내가 싫다 한탄해 잘나가는 너를 질투한 놈
인간인지라 해마다 실수 한 놈 넘어져도 털고 일어나
앞으로 계속 질주한 놈 떠난 가족들이여
오해를 풀고 Please come home 짧은 인생이야
oh please don`t leave me alone 죄와 벌 태양과 달 지구와 별들의 전쟁
너와 내 편들의 언쟁 질투와 복수심으로 가득했던 맘 속
이젠 사랑과 용서 그리고 평화 내 마지막 선택 Yeah~
어차피 피라미드 위에 큰 한눈에 갇힌 세상 뭉쳐
뒤집어 버리면 피라미드는 평지가 된다
실수는 한번 만 연습은 두번 반복
날 바라보는 모두의 사랑은 내 가슴 안쪽
내 랩이 끝날 때 쯤 박수쳐 아픔을 안고

*first of my kind you can adress me by you majesty
you can`t do what i does so just clap for me
배울 수 없어 누가 가르쳐줘도 마이크 잡을 때 앉아서 박수나 쳐줘

윤미래) i spit fire queen of the empire no denying
I`m the flyest anything that i desire its mine
its just a matter of time no need to battle with rhymes
i got a hammer that`ll shatter your mind your strategy badly designed
i can tell by your moves and i can tell that you shook by the look on your crew but y`all don`t really want it with us my team is full of hitters and I`m considered one of the illest female spitters on the planet the haters can`t stand it but the fans demand it and they manage to never take us for granted and so i show love back and bare my soul on the track sing my heart out with raps so that y`all can know that i appreciate the love as well as the hate cause i continue making hits that`ll sell out the gates and ill continue rocking shows that`ll sell out dates and continue to tell the snakes to stay the hell out my face…I`m saying

Yoon Mi Rae Chosen as HP’s New Advertising Model

HP has revealed that Yoon Mi Rae has signed on to be HP’s new model for its HP PC line up. For the rest of the year, Yoon will be acting as the company’s face, with both television and radio commercials.

Yoon finished recording her first radio commercial for HP on February 1, with the first broadcast scheduled for February 6.

Source: enewsworld,

Edit: longer article

Not only is she the ultimate queen of hip hop in Korea, Yoon Mirae is also dominating the advertisement industry.

Yoon Mirae has recently been selected as the newest spokesmodel for global corporation HP Korea. The rapper has modeled for cosmetic and clothing brands in the past, and with her newest contract with HP Korea, she is proving to the world that she is a highly valued model.

The rapper has signed a year-long contract with HP PC and will be endorsing the brand through print advertisement as well as over the waves on the radio. She has recently wrapped up her “Pavilion Song” recording session for Radio CM which will begin airing nationally this week, as well as her photo shoot for the print advertisements.

HP Korea explained that they chose Yoon Mirae as their newest model due to her “profession and passionate image“. They also added, “she is a talented musician who has won the respect of both fans in Korea and overseas. We found her to be the perfect person to endorse the quality and sound of Beats Audio by Dr Dre and Monster, as well HP’s very own unique sounds.”

Through their new model, HP Korea is determined to spread awareness of the winning sound and unique designs of their flagship brand ‘HP ENVY‘ & ‘HP PAVILLION‘. Like the products, Yoon Mirae has been acknowledged for her versatile capabilities. As a musician, she has pulled off multiple genres such as hip hop, R&B, and Soul.

In related news, Yoon Mirae dominated the music charts late last year with her digital single “Get It In“ without performing it once on public television, once again proving her status as the greatest female rapper in Korea.

Source: allkpop

Yoon Mirae for Nylon (scans)

November 2011


 Source: @DrunkenTigerBR

04 February 2012

Yoon Mi Rae points out that Jay Park and Tiger JK look alike

Korea’s hip hop queen Yoon Mi Rae sparked a hot topic online after she pointed out that her husband and Jay Park looked alike.

On February 3rd, Yoon Mi Rae tweeted, “Even when I look at them, they’re similar,” before posting side-by-side screenshots of Tiger JK and Jay Park.

Scanning the photos from left to right, netizens immediately agreed with Yoon Mi Rae’s observation. Both Jay Park and Tiger JK possess a charming mix of boyish charm with a masculine physique. They also have similar jawlines and noses.

Netizens commented, “So will Jay Park become like Tiger JK in the future?” and “They look like brothers!“

In related news, Tiger JK is currently working on his new album. He recently collaborated with Brian Joo on his new album, as did Jay Park, who will soon be releasing a new album of his own.