30 May 2011

Tasha's Birthday

It's Tasha's 30th birthday today (May 31)

Happy birthday to the greatest artist ever!!! 

18 May 2011

Compilation of live performances part 1

(Under construction)

As Time Goes By (시간이 흐른 뒤)
Lee Sora's Proposal (2001)


Yoon Dohyun's Loveletter

Music Camp (December 12, 2001)

Sunzoo - My Time lyrics

[Intro: Tasha]
Keep on climbin' to the top, hold me back, no, I won't stop

[Verse 1: Tasha]
I've been around the world, and I've seen a lot of places
It changed a whole lot but still remain gracious
I had no choice, I was raised around greatness
That's why we had to tell what's real and what fake is
To stay away from hatred and keep it one hundred
Sometimes the company we keep is what we keeping us rubbin'
Stay focused what a vibe burnin' deep in my stomach
To keep believin' in the movement and the people that run it
Believe me, I've done it, I've been to the top of the summit
And took a look at what's poppin', did the opposite of it
That's why my name come up in every "Who's the hottest? " discussion
Cause everything I spit is fire like it's popped in the oven

Keep on climbin' to the top, can't hold me back, no I won't stop
It's my world, I'm gon shine, take what's mine cause it's my time
Keep on climbin' to the top, can't hold me back, no I won't stop
The world is mine, I'm gon shine, take what's mine cause it's my time

Media Constructs Falsified Story Against Tiger JK; JK Fights Back

Source: Drunkencamp

On the morning of May 13th, Tiger JK was doing his regular twitter updates, including the ones below. Referring to the current practice of celebrities and media building gossip on the past lives of others, a practice common in international media, JK wrote the following: “If you’re interested in getting attention by selling your past, sell your own past only. Don’t sell others wholesale. Don’t giggle and mess with others’ painful past. Are you regretting your wrong doings? Or are you together merrily pampering, praising each others for successfully distorting and hiding of the facts of the past?*”*[Korean literal translation= are you brushing off each others dirt in the bathtub?]

As the morning passed, the comment was like any of JK’s regular tweets. One reader cited it as JK’s routine monologues, “I found nothing wrong with JK’s message, because I don’t agree with people going on air or newspaper gossip pages talking nonsense about other people. Look at the so-called memoirs by people like Richards Keith, who built buzz for his book by writing about Mick Jagger’s equipment ‘tiny,” and hip-hop vixens building fame off celebs they were seen with.”

However, in the late afternoon, a “reporter” from the news outlet, Money Today, took JK’s tweets and wrote a falsified story claiming his comments were directly meant for actress, Park TamHee. The actress appeared on the KBS2 TV show “Happy Together,” the night before and mentioned she was once a lead vocal of Uptown. A photo of her and the group was shown, which then still included Yoon MiRae (the actual lead vocalist).

The article quickly spread to other media outlets, insinuating portrayals of JK as an “aggressive bully” and Park TamHee as the innocent victim. As a result, JK became one of the top searched names on Korea’s #1 search engine,

15 May 2011

Park Tam-hee was main vocal for Uptown, "I didn't know it was hip hop"

It turns out actress Park Tam-hee was a member of Uptown.

On the episode of KBS 2TV "Happy Together" on the 12th, a picture of her past was revealed.

The internet is hot at the news that she was a hip hop singer in the past. She was a member of a popular group at the time, Uptown. She reminisced, "I didn't even know that was hip hop then".

Park Ji-yoon aroused laughter saying, "If we tease her about this she says, 'I was the main vocal'".

A video of her during her Uptown days was also revealed.

Source: Hancinema, Nate

"Gemini" lyrics


01. G火자 Hangul / Romanization / Translation
02. Meditation Hangul / Romanization / Translation
03. Me We  Lyrics
04. Memories (Smiling Tears) Hangul / Romanization / Translation
05. Wonder Woman  Hangul / Romanization / Translation 
06. 끝없는 바다 저편에 Hangul / Romanization / Translation 
07. Concrete Jungle Hangul / Romanization / Translation 
08. Combination Platter Lyrics
09. Double Trouble  Lyrics
10. 남자 남자 남자  Hangul / Romanization / Translation 
11. Memories (Smiling Tears) (English Ver.) Lyrics
12. Mt (혁명) Hangul / Romanization / Translation

13 May 2011

TigerJK's tweet about Tasha's new album

@DrunkenTigerJK: "윤미래 앨범 곧 발매!"

Tasha's album will be released soon! 


09 May 2011

"As Time Goes By" lyrics

01. 바보 Hangul / Translation
02. 시간이 흐른 뒤 Hangul / Translation
03. I Miss You So Hangul / Translation
04. 슬픔에 기대어 Hangul / Translation
05. 행복한 나를 Hangul / Translation
06. 그대없는 사랑 Hangul / Translation
07. La Musique Hangul / Translation
08. As Time Goes By (English Ver) Lyrics
09. She (...Could Never Be Me) Lyrics
10. 삶의 향기 (Soul Flower) Hangul / Translation
11. Old School Love Lyrics
12. 친구가 아닌 연인 Hangul / Translation
13. La Musique (English Vers) Lyrics
14. 시간이 흐른 뒤 (Remix Version) Hangul / Translation
15. 하루하루 Hangul / Translation

Romanizations after the cut

NAVER's Musician's Choice

For the third week of April

01. TLC - Baby Baby Baby
02. TLC - Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg
03. 2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up
04. 2Pac - Strugglin' (feat. Live Squad)
05. Aaliyah - Back And Forth
06. Aaliyah - At Your Best (You Are Love)
07. Luther Vandross - Superstar
08. Luther Vandross - Give Me The Reason
09. Michael Jackson - Rock With You
10. Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough


You can see her previous Musician's Choice here

05 May 2011

Smokey Robotic - Grace Under Fire (feat. Sunzoo)

BRAND NEW track "Grace Under Fire" from Smokey Robotic featuring international super-group Sunzoo (Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mirae, Roscoe Umali & Styliztik Jones). Produced by Konrad & !llmind!!

Download the song here!