26 April 2011


Tasha & Tiger JK throw the opening pitch for LG Twins

Tiger JK & T were invited to throw celebratory/victory-wishing balls for LG TWINS V KIA TWINS MATCH that was held at Jam Sil Baseball Stadium at 5pm this afternoon.

16 April 2011

Photos (Sunzoo)

Thai singer Lita dreams of becoming the next Yoon Mirae

A new rookie solo by the name of Lita (19) has emerged, and she’s brought a long a unique story to tell as well. She comes to Korea by the way of Thailand based on her love for K-pop alone, and despite having to start with knowing virtually nobody in a foreign country, she’s managed to not only debut, but find a dream of becoming the next Yoon Mirae as well.

In her broken Korean, she explained, “Ever since I was little, I dreamed of becoming a singer. I always listened to Korean music while growing up in Thailand and came to respect Korean artists. One day, I received a great opportunity to debut as a singer in Korea, and that is how I came here today.”

Lita was first discovered by the CEO of Ye Eum Entertainment back in 2009 when she performed at her high school festival. After being cast, she didn’t hesitate before flying straight to Korea under the complete support of her parents. Prior to her official debut, she participated in concerts for Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mirae, and Leessang, and even featured for Taiwan’s K.K.

After working with producer Y.K. for two years, she finally released her debut mini-abum, “Who Cares“, on March 30th.

On the support she received from her mom, Lita revealed, “When my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I was little, I said that I wanted to be a singer without hesitation. My mom allowed me to be tutored in guitar, piano, and other instruments, as well as singing and dancing, ever since I was eight. All of that really helped me in becoming a singer.”

She continued, “After my debut broadcast, my mom told me that I had done really well so I was glad. My heart was swelling at the thought that I had finally accomplished my dream of becoming a singer. I was so nervous getting up on stage, but after going on, I felt calm.”

On the popularity of Korean artists in Thailand, she revealed, “Their popularity is really hot. Of course, the popularity of 2PM’s Nichkhun cannot be put into words. I want to become a singer that is just as popular and sings as well as Nichkhun.”

Although Nichkhun greatly influenced her decision on becoming a singer in Korea, it was actually Yoon Mirae’s “Memories” that sealed the deal. “After listening to her song, all I could think was that she was just amazing. I was determined to become a singer like her because I was so entranced with the charisma she exuded on stage.”

This being her third year living in Korea, she was asked to describe what the experience was like, ”It’s not difficult at all. It’s a bit hard to communicate, but I’m enjoying everything and having a good time. It’s too early for me to call myself a singer, so I hope to continue showing improvement. Please look forward to Lita’s success!”

My Daily via Nate, allkpop

09 April 2011

Quincy Jones hails Tiger JK and Yoon MiRae “Best of the Far East”

In a recent visit to Korea, legendary producer and songwriter, Quincy Jones, had a chance to meet with some of the country’s top artists including Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae, BoA, and some other YG artists.

At the press conference held at E&M Center in Seoul on April 8, the American music legend said, “Such Korean artists are amongst the best that I’ve met in the Far East countries, including China and Japan.”

Asked about the prospect of K-Pop artists abroad, he said the future is very bright, and the possibilities are high for them, ”I was very much impressed by their passion and apprehension of the essence of the music.”

He added he was usually very stingy with his praises to artists, but he had to be lavish at this time.

On April 4, after meeting Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, QuincyDJones tweeted:

Tiger JK expressed his admiration for the music legend after his encounter:

08 April 2011

The Body Shop CF


Vogue Photoshoot & interview (video)

As part of their recent anti-child abuse campaign, STOP & LOVE, Tiger JK and his family [wife Tasha/Yoon MiRae and son, Jordan] took part in a Korean Vogue photo shoot. While on set, KBS recorded the family’s natural interactions with each other.

Also, in a brief interview, the couple reveals a little about their family life and how they keep their relationship exciting.

The photos are in the current April issue of Vogue Korea.

kbsworld, drunkencamp

05 April 2011

Tasha with TigerJK & Quincy Jones

I had the best time..thank u so much!RT @QuincyDJones: @drunkentigerjk & @yoonmirae as I presumed Korea is as beautiful AND ghetto as where I come from

02 April 2011

Uptown Live Performances

다시만나줘 live

다시만나줘 & 내안의 그대 live

Uptown MVs

다시만나줘 (Lets meet again)

내안의 그대 (Always in my heart)

Sad Christmas

걱정하지마 (Don't Worry)

돌아와 (Come Back)