28 December 2014

Official Statement From Feel Ghood Music Regarding "The Interview" Movie and Yoon Mirae's "Pay Day"

As some of you may or may not have heard, YoonMiRae’s 2007 single, “Pay Day,” was included in Sony’s controversial film, The Interview. Sony and FGM had initially talked about using the song in the movie, though FGM had their reservations given the content. The song in the end was not properly cleared for use, but appeared in the film anyway. As a result, FGM is in the process of taking legal actions against Sony. This is the official statement FGM gave on December 26th.

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17 December 2014

Jung Seung Hwan, A Pink, and Yoon Mi Rae top Instiz Chart for the second week of December 2014

The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank music sales, and it's also what fans use to determine whether their favorite artist has achieved an "All-Kill".

Check out the chart rankings for the second week of December (December 8 to December 14) below!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Jung Seung Hwan (K-Pop Star) - "I Want To Fall In Love" - 41,286 Points
2. A Pink - "LUV" - 28,339 Points
3. Yoon Mi Rae with Tiger JK & Bizzy - "Angel" - 26,722 Points

4. Sung Si Kyung ft. Kwon Jin Ah - "Don't Forget" - 21,700 Points
5. Dynamic Duo & Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) - "SsSs" - 16,655 Points
6. EXID - "Up & Down" - 16,083 Points
7. Kyuhyun - "At Gwanghwamun" - 15,159 Points
8. Yoo Hee Yeol (Toy) with Sung Si Kyung - "Music Essay" - 13,075 Points
9. G-Dragon x Taeyang - "Good Boy" - 11,447 Points
10. Wheesung & ALi - "As If Nothing Happened" - 10,006 Points


08 December 2014

YoonMiRae’s “Angel” Hits #1 In Less Than 12 Hours

When we turned in last night, we already saw YoonMiRae’s “Angel” racing into the Top 5 on most of Korea’s music download sites. We woke up a few hours later, and she was sitting at #1 on four major charts: Soribada, Mnet, Olleh, and Genie. The queen sits on the throne again, with her king and prince right beside her.

For US fans: “Angel” can be downloaded via Itunes for .99 cents. Ambitious fans can buy the single and album art for $9.99.

Angel lyrics + translation

You will always be my
You will always be my

넌 나의 A N G E L 슬픈 나를 항상 미소 짓게 해
누가 뭐라 해도 You (you) 내 맘을 녹여 너의 I Love you (you)
Cause you will always be my
넌 나의 A N G E L 슬픈 나를 항상 미소 짓게 해
누가 뭐라 해도 You (you) 내 맘을 녹여 너의 I Love you (you)
Cause you will always be my

윤달에 생일은 여덟 번 내 생에 위기는 여러 번
굽혀진 팔자로 걸었던 걷고 걷고 걸었던 취해 하늘에 말을 걸어
신에게 시비를 걸었던 막막한 앞날에 막말해
솔직히 몰래 떨었던 철없던 그랬던
꿈은 아주 멀었던 꿈일 뿐 무일푼 내게는 사치일 뿐
그러던 내게 다가와 넌 내게 다가와
마치 내가 태양인 듯 나 너만 바라봐
넌 나만 바라봐

넌 나의 A N G E L 슬픈 나를 항상 미소 짓게 해
누가 뭐라 해도 You (you) 내 맘을 녹여 너의 I Love you (you)
Cause you will always be my
넌 나의 A N G E L 슬픈 나를 항상 미소 짓게 해
누가 뭐라 해도 You (you) 내 맘을 녹여 너의 I Love you (you)
Cause you will always be my

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 칠전팔기 오르막길
올라가다 곤두박질 친구라는 무리들의
비웃는 손가락질 하는 잘난 이들을 보며
난 내 이를 갈았지 나 그렇게 살았지
내 영혼도 눈감았지 내 그림자도 귀찮아진
혹시 그때 내 맘 알어 그때 넌 날 감싸 안어
Angel My Angel 나 미소 짓게 해
널 위해 모든 할 수 있어 집도 짓게 돼
My Angel My Angel 나 미소 짓게 해
널 위해 모든 할 수 있어 집도 짓게 돼

넌 나의 A N G E L 슬픈 나를 항상 미소 짓게 해
누가 뭐라 해도 You (you) 내 맘을 녹여 너의 I Love you (you)
Cause you will always be my
넌 나의 A N G E L 슬픈 나를 항상 미소 짓게 해
누가 뭐라 해도 You (you) 내 맘을 녹여 너의 I Love you (you)
Cause you will always be my

웃음이 번져 내 입가에 넘쳐
No matter what they say
Imma hold you closer
웃음이 번져 내 입가에 넘쳐
No matter what they say
Imma hold you closer

Used to be a silly bum
지칠 때로 지쳤던
힘들어 쓰러졌던 내게 날개를 달아줘
Used to be a silly bum
지칠 때로 지쳤던
힘들어 쓰러졌던 내게 날개를 달아줘

넌 나의 A N G E L 슬픈 나를 항상 미소 짓게 해
누가 뭐라 해도 You (you) 내 맘을 녹여 너의 I Love you (you)
Cause you will always be my
넌 나의 A N G E L 슬픈 나를 항상 미소 짓게 해
누가 뭐라 해도 You (you) 내 맘을 녹여 너의 I Love you (you)
Cause you will always be my
넌 나의 A N G E L 슬픈 나를 항상 미소 짓게 해
누가 뭐라 해도 You (you) 내 맘을 녹여 너의 I Love you (you)
Cause you will always be my
넌 나의 A N G E L 슬픈 나를 항상 미소 짓게 해
누가 뭐라 해도 You (you) 내 맘을 녹여 너의 I Love you (you)
Cause you will always be my

Angel MV

07 December 2014

Yoon Mi Rae, brightens up LA night with Tiger JK, Go Soo, and Han Ji Min

Yoon Mi Rae was invited to KoreAm/Audrey Magazine’s annual Unforgettable awards ceremony held on December 5th at the Park Plaza Hotel in LA. She was joined by fellow MBFTY crew members, Tiger JK and Bizzy.

This annual event, sponsored by US London Trust Media (LTM) brings successful Asian-Americans from all walks of life ( entertainment, journalism and sports) and recognizes them for their achievements.

Psy, Actor Sandra Oh, and golfer, Park Se Ri, were some of the people who attended previous ceremonies. This year, baseball player Park Chan Ho, actor John Cho, and Youtube Sensation David Choi were present.

Yoon Mi Rae was nominated for “Best Global Artist” and attended with her crew members, Tiger JK and Bizzy.

Actors Go Soo and Han Ji Min were nominated for being actors with high expectations in 2015.

Singer along with DJ Smells performed on stage and got a positive response, but it was Yoon Mi Rae that stole the night. Being invited 2 years in a row, there was media frenzy whilst she was performing on stage.

Yoon Mi Rae, is due to come back on stage with her new single, “Angel,” with Tiger JK and Bizzy featuring on the track.


New concept photos for 'Angel'

06 December 2014

'Angel' 2nd teaser + BTS video

Yoon Mi Rae Collaborates with Korean Rock band, Guckkasten

Feel Ghood Music announced that Guckkasten’s guitarist, Jeon Kyu Ho, will be collaborating with Yoon Mi Rae in her new upcoming single ‘Angel’ – due to be released on December 8th.

Even though Angel is in the pop genre, the two artists were able to connect musically via acquaintances’ recommendations and Jeon happily agreed to collaborate.

It will be interesting to see how Yoon Mi Rae’s sentimental vocals will match up with a rock guitarist’s sound.

Plus, the MV will be directed by Lumpens, who previously worked with the legendary, Mr Jo Yong Pil, as well as SISTAR and Jungigo.

As this is Yoon Mi Rae’s first single after the establishment of her music label, Feel Ghood Music, they have formed a ‘dream team’ for this single – Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, Bizzy, Guckkasten and Lumpens.

Feel Ghood Music stated that this song tells us that, “Anything and anyone can be an angel in this world and attach the wings of hope. Whether it be your family, love, a movie or even a passerby’s pleasant smile’ they hope this song can become an angel to those that are having difficult times right now.”

With Yoon Mi Rae’s proven track record (most recently, she swept the #1 spots with her Drama OSTs (Master’s Sun – “Touch Love”, and It’s Ok, It’s Love – “I Love You”), there are high hopes and expectations with her new upcoming single, Angel.

04 December 2014

Return Of The Queen – YoonMiRae Returns With “Angel”

Singer and rapper, YoonMiRae, will return to the music scene with song, “Angel,” on December 8th, 2014.

Yoon Mi Rae’s record label, Feel Ghood Music, revealed the MV Teaser via various online music sites on the 3rd, with Yoon Mi Rae writing ‘Who’s your angel?’ along with a link to the teaser on her social media account.

Feel Ghood Music stated that this is YoonMirae’s first solo track after 2011 hit single “Get It In,” and it is a song well fitted for December, sending messages of thanks to people that she loves.

They continued on to say that, “Angel,” is themed around the fact that everything and anyone can become an angel, whether it be your family, love, movie, even a stranger’s smile that spreads wings of hope to those that are in need. They hope that this song becomes an angel to those that are going through tough times right now.

Feel Ghood Music indicated that they chose to release this single first (which was originally planned to be released in 2015) since “Angel” has a special message fitting for this time of the year.

The teaser clip also shows Tiger JK and Bizzy (All 3 members are currently in a project group called MFBTY)

YoonMiRae confirmed that her previous moniker, “T” will no longer be used moving forward.

Embracing a new start with Feel Ghood Music, YoonMiRae plans to put her real name forward, and release music that are true to her soul to connect with her fans.

With her well rounded capabilities in all genres varying from ballad to rap, much anticipation is building for YoonMiRae and what kind of music she will bring to the scene.


26 November 2014

MFBTY to come back next month

Feel Ghood Music, a fresh new music label comprised of Hip Hop Veterans, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy are taking their first steps as a label.

On November 26th, it was announced that Feel Ghood Music (FGM) will lead the industry by working with various genres and reaching out to the public. They have also stated that they will not limit themselves by working on music, but expand their horizons and work in other areas such as cultural awareness.

Feel Ghood Music plans to collaborate with other talented personnel such as musicians, DJs, and Art and Visual Directors, to breathe a new life into the whole entertainment industry. The aim is to stand out as a new type of music label.

Tiger JK announced last month that there is a special project in the works, but would not say if it would be a full MFBTY release, a solo artist release, or something from their new artist. The past MFBTY release was done under the Drunken Tiger name, and while we know our trio will have definite involvement on the new release, details on the scope of that are to be determined. The prospective MFBTY project is scheduled for December 2014.

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27 October 2014

MAMA 2014 voting

The voting has begun for the MAMA 2014 awards and Tasha is nominated in the Best OST category. You can vote for your favourite artists HERE.

25 October 2014

Tiger JK reveals in “Styler” interview, “My love for Mi Rae will last forever”

One of the most lovable, fashionable, and energetic couples, Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae grace the cover for Styler Jubu Lifestyle magazine. After a year long hiatus, the King and Queen of rap have returned to the Korean music industry.

Tiger JK’s father and pop-columnist Seo Byung Hoo suffered from cancer and passed away recently, resulting in the couple’s long hiatus.

Tiger JK still lingering on his father’s memory mentioned, “My father liked to pat my head when he was alive. My hair was short then, but it has grown so much now. I couldn’t cut my hair because it feels like his touch is still here. I want to start living from now. I feel revived again since our family started on boxing since a month ago. In truth, I really don’t cry and I feel so much more better by sweating. All the sweats wash away my hurt instead of my tears.”

Tiger JK also commented on the couple’s chemistry, “My love for her will last forever since the day I met her. No matter how sexy the woman who pass by might be, I won’t even feel nervous. I hope Mirae appreciates my love.”

Yoon Mirae humorously replied during the interview, “I am truly thankful. haha. I am more the give-and-taker. It’s no fun if we both are the same. There must be a tide even in love.”

It has been eight months since the unfortunate death in their family, and the couple is now all geared up for a new album releasing this November. Don’t miss the November issue for more details on the interview of this stylish couple!

24 October 2014

Tiger JK still feels butterflies around Yoon Mi Rae

Hip hop couple Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae were featured on the cover of 'Housewife Daily' and sat down for an interview with the magazine.

The couple opened up about their 7-year marriage, revealing that they still have sparks between them. Tiger JK said, "For me, from the moment I met her until now, I feel sparks and will until the end. No matter how much of a sexy woman passes by, I don't get excited. Yoon Mi Rae should be grateful." 

Yoon Mi Rae replied, "I'm very thankful. Haha. However, I get swayed all the time. It's not fun if we're both the same. Love needs to have waves."

Tiger JK also revealed that they've taken up boxing as a family activity. He explained, "I'm trying to live from now on. Since a month ago, the whole family started boxing, and I feel like I've been reborn. To be honest, I was never able to cry. I never had the time or place to cry. Then I started boxing, and I feel relieved by sweating everyday and drenching my clothes in sweat. I think I'm washing away pain with sweat instead of tears."

Tasha & TigerJK for Styler 주부생활 (scans)

26 September 2014

Korea’s Favorite Hip-Hop Couple Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK Pose Like Pros For Latest HIGH CUT Pictorial

Korea’s most famous hip hop couple Tiger JK and his fellow singer wife Yoon Mirae recently posed for the fashion magazine HIGH CUT, and evidently, the two look fabulous together. In hommage of the 1990s pubs, the couple posed with various sporty, denim, and vintage-looking clothing. For this pictorial, the two wore Skechers shoes.

The pictures were released on September 18 and can also be seen on latest issue of HIGH CUT. Also, videos of the pictorial shooting can be viewed from September 23, which is the release day of the smartphone app “Digital HIGH CUT.” The app can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

For this year, Yoon Mirae released the song “I Love You” for the popular drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love.”

30 July 2014

Tasha to Release a New OST

According to instiz, Tasha is going to participate in the OST for drama "It's okay, it's love".

17 April 2014

Yoon Mi Rae and “Superstar K3″ Euna Kim Collaboration Coming Soon!

Mnet “Superstar K3” judge Yoon Mi Rae and “Superstar K3” contestant Euna Kim have come together!

On the afternoon of April 16, Yoon Mi Rae posted on her Twitter, “MFBTY x Euna Kim project coming soon,” with a photo of MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy) and Euna Kim together.

After appearing on “Superstar K3,” Yuna Kim entered YG Entertainment as a trainee, but in June of 2013, she left the company and went to the U.S. to attend university.

01 January 2014